Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fickle Frankie

What IS it with me?

Am I an adrenaline junkie? Do I have a desperate need to be seen...for attention?

Can't I just get my shit together and DO my stuff and not need any outside stimulation?

Obviously not.

So, I did it again. This is about the sixth time in the last couple of years.

I think to myself that I would like a fella. I put my face and profile up on a dating site. I befriend a couple of chat buddies, tell guys that I'm interested so they buy 'stamps' and email me. I chat and email for two or three days and then.....I pull the plug. TOTALLY. No goodbye's...no explanations.

Seriously, if I ever really, really, genuinely want to meet someone, via the internet, I'm gonna need totally new photos and profile or no-one's gonna come near me for fear of me doing another runner.

I musn't be ready (after NINE years single). The thought of a relationship still makes me hyperventilate.

I need a "date-o-meter", posted on my blog. If I get all weird and it starts going into the 'red', people can whack me so I get back in my hole. (said date-o-meter now added).

Sounds like a plan......


Flea said...

Silly girl, you are gorgeous and you have to belief it yourself and give people the chance to get to know YOU!!
And you are funny, caring, witty and wise, I'm really glad you are my friend so c'mon!!
What are you afraid off? Trust in yourself ok!
PS: we should catch up again soon.

Kerry W said...

Ditto to what Flea said. :) Except for the coffee bit...tad too far away. :( Of course, if I was close enough that I could have a coffee with you, I'd take the opportunity to whack you over the head and tell you to wake up to yourself! You're so much more than what you give yourself credit for.

Kerry XOX

Nicole said...

Babes, you are beautiful. Being scared makes you human. xx

KatieP said...

Ah the stories I could tell of cyber love ...

It is full of promises that almost always fail to deliver.

But I'm living in hope that 55 year old married men looking for 'friendship' aren't all there is out there.

Keep searching and don't settle for anything less than what you want because you are absolutely friggin' worth it gorgeous heart ♥

Em said...

what they all said as well as even tho i've said it before, i don't think the internet dating sites are for everyone.... just my 2 cents...
I still think YOU should look outside in the big world! xxoo

Frankie said...

Thanks Flea. I try to be confident but my nervous side just takes over :oS

(((hugs))) Kerry x

I guess it does Nic, but I don't like it. I like being strong and capable, not a total spazz, which is what I am at dating!

aww thanks Katie. Yeah, I will keep searching...even if spasmodically LOL! My mood changes like the wind. Onto something promising at the moment, hence the 'date-o-meter's rise to 50% x

Hey Em. I certainly am open to meeting someone 'in real life' but not been asked out in real life since my marriage break up. And it's not like I've hidden myself away. Maybe I give off "dont' even think about it" vibes or somethin'

Witchazel said...

YOU ARE A GEMINI!!!!! I soooo get you.. I think its an attention span thing, honestly I am always doing the whole "Oh look something shiny" thing and going off on tangents... You just do it with men LOL maybe you need a different hobby lol ohh and I have found through experience that the bestest men turn up when you are not looking at THEM... so look around you might already know the bestest!!!

Frankie said...

umm yeah...think you're onto something there Cath! x