Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Paddy's Day Funny

Two Irish housewives, Frances and Mary are sitting at the kitchen table...

Frances - "Mary, I made a little freudian slip the other day"

Mary - "ohhh Frances, and what would that have been?"

Frances - "Well I was sitting here having breakfast with my husband. I meant to say "Pass the sugar please...", but instead I said "I hate your guts you bastard I wish you were dead".

Credits to Kitty for the idea and Jimeoin for the joke....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brain explosion

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I had yesterday off work and am taking today off as well. Don't know what's triggered it. Just been building up I guess. I just couldn't go. Maybe a little depressed? I'm already on antidepressants (have been for years for anxiety issues and as treatment for FMS) so don't think that's the issue. Everything just seems too bloody much at the moment.
The house, the kids, work, my weight loss attempts, my ex husband. I know others deal with all this and usually I'm fine. Normally you can add 'study' to that mix and then words like "Superwoman" start being bandied about in my general area. But right now, the thought of study throws me into an absolute panic attack. I can't even get my head around filling in permission slips for the kids excursions, let alone Neuromechanics!
Fuck this, I'm just a mental wreck. Well I was a wreck yesterday, today I'm not so bad and just in maintenance mode. Had a call from my wonderful friend Ms L who could tell I was down and she talked me through it and made me get up off my butt and start doing a few things to change it, like cleaning my room (aka garbage tip).
So, I've done a huge re-organisation...filled up a whole recycling bin full of crap, bought heaps of roll away containers for under my bed and have halfway made my room beeaauuutiful. Still need some nice floaty curtains and a makeup mirror and will get those when I see Mr Rudd's stimulus money has gone in. Then it's on to the rest of the house.
I'll work tomorrow and finish up anything urgent that has landed on my desk this week and then am requesting a week's leave. Things are going to get crazy there in the next couple of months. I thought I was going to be out of work but now it looks as though I'll be moving from the finance side into the project management side. It's great, as I will get paid more and can drop my hours to allow more study time next semester. Anyway, it's the lull before the storm now so will take a nice week off while I can and really get my shit together. I have a rental inspection next week too so will allow me to really get stuck into some serious re-organisation.
Nutrition hasn't been too crash hot this week. Probably eating around my maintenance level but a lot higher in carbs than usual. I'm usually around 35 - 40% and I've easily been up around 65% this week (comfort food). My weight has spiked and feeling yuck. Won't be expecting a loss on the scales this week (possibly a fluid gain too). Weight loss not my priority this week. Just maintain and don't have a brain explosion....that's the plan!
Not even taking the young one to swimming today (his idea not to). I'm afraid Pool Guy is going to have to live without me. Ethan's only doing swimming this term and then it's just going to be school swim lessons from now on so I doubt I will see Pool Guy again. Not much in the 'man flesh' headspace today anyway. It's all about me me me right now.
Thanks for listening.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Flirt Alert!!

OMG I just flirted outrageously with Blockbuster Guy. Yeah...ok......bugger it, it was on the phone but I did have a plan...
Young number one son is home from school sick and whinginess had struck by noon (though his illness had improved remarkably). He got it in his head that he HAD to watch 'Back to the Future II'. I thought I'd ring around first to save disappointment at the actual store so I called our local Blockbuster.
Blockbuster Guy answered...he's got a really nice voice - and now I know his name. We had quite a discussion about whether he had the DVD or not and he went to a lot of trouble to run around the store and see if it was on one of the shelves for sale etc. I was so incredibly witty and flirty I don't know how he could possibly NOT be like...totally in love with me.
He advised there were no copies in store but I thought I would drag my 'sick' child down there anyway so he could pick something else, and I could casually mention to Blockbuster Guy that I was in fact the highly impressive and intelligent person he had just spoken to. But, Bratboy had other plans.
My lovely little man stormed around in a mood and couldn't possibly find ANYTHING else that was anywhere near as good as Michael J Fox and a DeLorean so we had to leave immediately and go to another video store. However, it wasn't a total loss, as while I was there Blockbuster Guy did come out of his office and worship me from afar....for quite some time....*sigh*

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crime Scene

So what happened? Our manager knocked my potplant "Gary" off my desk. It was pretty ugly. He pulled through though.

Well Pool Guy didn't turn up so no stalker phone photos. Hmmm.... thinking that maybe his sporadic appearances are do to shared custody...maybe?...still doesn't mean he's single though. Oh well. I do have a master plan that will commence around my birthday in June this year. I think I'll waffle on about that on the weekend and post then. Basically it involves getting me a man. I've been single for 7 1/2 years. I think I might like to try and give the whole thing a go again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009