Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crime Scene

So what happened? Our manager knocked my potplant "Gary" off my desk. It was pretty ugly. He pulled through though.

Well Pool Guy didn't turn up so no stalker phone photos. Hmmm.... thinking that maybe his sporadic appearances are do to shared custody...maybe?...still doesn't mean he's single though. Oh well. I do have a master plan that will commence around my birthday in June this year. I think I'll waffle on about that on the weekend and post then. Basically it involves getting me a man. I've been single for 7 1/2 years. I think I might like to try and give the whole thing a go again.


Kerry W said...

Hey Frankie

Yeah...time to move on hey? Look at what those guys are missing out on! Too much I reckon. What was that about missed opportunies or regrets...LizN's blog?

He..he...enjoyed 'Gary's Crime Scene Pics'. Looks like your workmates have a sense of humour. :)

Lia Halsall said...

I love your sense of humout, you're a crack up. Thanks for the laugh today Frankie. LOL!! ;o) xxx

Frankie said...

Kerry..thanks :) We'll see. I'm going to wait until I can actually fit into some nice clothes though.

Yeah I love where I work. We are a small Centre in a BIG workplace and we are all slightly nutty.

Lia, my pleasure! The Director nearly wet her pants laughing when the plant fell off cos I'm sitting there screaming "Gary! nooooooo! Gary!!!!!!" Then after the offender left for lunch I tried to set up the crime scene and Miss Moneypenny is telling me off for using too much 'expensive' tape... and I'm running round looking for chalk...

We came in this morning and the cleaners had removed Gary's 'chalk outline' and the dirt but left the tape. Gawd, no idea what they must have been thinking!!

Ahh..we have fun.

Robyn said...

That crime scene is the funniest real life thing I've seen in ages We need more fun like that in the work place!

That plant is so bloody fortunate to have you in there batting for it, Frankie.

Frankie said...

Glad you liked it Robyn. We are all quite mental where I work!