Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off my hook!

I am SO not giving out my phone number to random men anymore.
One such man called me last night and I seriously had no idea who he was or how he got my number, yet he seemed to know an awful lot about me.
Then I remembered - it was Ivan (pronounced Eee-vahn) the Croatian who I gave my number to while chatting on RSVP a couple months ago (right after BB Idiot).
We actually did have a phone conversation back then, but I was sick as a dog and we decided that we'd catch up when I was better.
Well apparently he thought I should be better by now.
Eeee-vahn called me from an oil rig somewhere in the Indian Ocean. He works 3 weeks on 3 weeks off. Not sure what he does but it's something involving lots of grease and sweat and such.
He is also studying his Cert 3/4 in Fitness and in the process of building a PT studio in the backyard of his home in a lovely, leafy, inner city suburb.
Yeah, sounds promising but COULD NOT BE FUCKED!
Then, Bachelor No. 3 starts texting me this morning at work. Geez....I've got enough personal shit to deal with at work (blogging, facebooking etc) I just haven't got time to answer goddam text messages from guys I am never ever going to have sex with.......EVER! Seriously, the guy was so petite that if I rode him like a crazy cowgirl I'd probably snap his pelvis!
Yes, I know that by taking this attitude I am definitely going to fail 100 Day Challenge Goal No. 6 but I'll just have to grin and bear it......ya know...if I can't grin and BARE it....
This post is dedicated to Ms E. who asked me - "Where's Thursday?"
PS - Apologies to Bachelor No. 3 if you were stalkerish enough to track down my blog but I did warn you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Date Report

Well it was a nice date. He's a nice enough guy but I didn't feel 'the thing'...and I really need to feel that thing.
As I said in my previous post, he's not my usual type, but we had a nice chat and will definitely catch up again, although at this stage I think it's gonna be a 'just friends' kinda thing.
The end.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bachelor Number 3

.....and next up we have Bachelor No. 3.
He's 37 years old and is a Multimedia/graphic artisty type person who enjoys spending time with his kids aged 7 and 14.
He enjoys the gym, recently lost 24kg and is currently training for the next City to Surf Fun Run.
Bachelor No. 3 is somewhat geeky and SO totally opposite to the type of bachelor Frankie usually goes for, which is probably good thing, considering how well her previous forays into the dating game have ended.
This bachelor also has the ability to use and understand words containing more than two syllables which Frankie finds a refreshing change from the recent Man flesh she has encountered.
Bachelor No. 3 would like to meet Frankie for coffee on Tuesday morning and she has accepted his offer.
What? You actually believed me when I said I had better things to do than think about men? I always think about men.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Ramblings

Yep, that's Frankie circa 1985, around the time I bought my first weights bench - 5'8 and 55kg. Go on, laugh it up. No boobs and ugly hair. We won't mention the swimmers.

So I've been a bit slack with the old blogging lately and thought I'd chuck in a random post just for fun. Very busy, and just basically DOING IT (instead of talking about doing it).

  • I weighed myself this morning and for the first time in nearly 3 years my bodyfat was less than 40% (yays).
  • Kids were supposed to be back at school Tuesday but Ethan's been off sick for two days (nooo).
  • Today I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up a donut from the bakery on the way home. His reply - "don't you think I've had enough sugar today?" (WTF?).
  • The Slovakian is doing my frikkin' head in (still incredibly hot though).
  • Still been doing the occasional 'semi-stalk' of IFKABBG. By semi-stalking I mean totally NOT actual stalking. Actual stalking is when like you wait til the kids are asleep and drive past his place in your pyjamas. That is TOTALLY not what I've been doing. I'm just occasionally driving past there at 1am in the morning when I am coming home from various social events I've been attending. Nothing fully stalkerish about that. It's called 'taking a slight detour', that is all.

That's all I have to report right now. Trying to work up courage to get out in the shed for hams, biceps and cardio but it's bloody cold!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trueblood Season 2

This show is dirty, sexy, gory and very funny. Vampires, shapeshifters, mind's got it all. Season 1 is out on DVD and they are up to Episode 4 of Season 2. If you are clever you can find it online and watch for free (try

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Slovakian

Facebook friends may have seen my references to a sexy/crazy Slovakian. Yes...he is sexy and yes he's frikkin' crazy and got some serious issues, and by serious I mean he's been dealt some serious shit both as a child and an adult. But it's ok. We're only chat buddies so I don't have to deal with any of them....and if he starts his crap with me online I just tell him to fuck off.

All we do is argue, and I really like it. I know I shouldn't but I do. Met him quite by accident as I'd taken my profile off the dating site but there must have been some weird glitch that allowed him to see that I'd viewed him and then he sent me a contact request.
Keeping it strictly online only for now as I don't need any more drama in my life at the moment, unless it involves....ya know....nakedness.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A telephone conversation with my mother

Me: I saw 'Bruno' today.

Mum: Yes I was thinking of seeing that one myself.

Me: I think you'll like it. I thought it was better than 'Borat', much funnier.

Mum : I didn't like 'Borat'. Do you think Bruno is really gay?

Me: He's not gay mum.

Mum: Are you sure? He looks and talks very gay.

Me: Mum, he's not gay, he's married to Isla Fisher and has a kid.

Mum: No, Borat is married to Isla Fisher....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Double Digits

Time Flies.......

...when you're having fun.
Happy 10th Birthday BRAT BOY!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Loving my weekend

What a lazy Sunday morning I'm having. It's my kid free weekend and I'm loving it.

Last night a couple of my fellow nerds, Lara Croft and Mowgli, came over for a Zombie night (no we didn't dress up!).

We had a yummy dinner (spinach and ricotta cannelloni followed by chocolate self saucing pudding with cream AND ice-cream) and watched a couple of zombie flicks : Dead Snow (a Norwegian film about Nazi Zombies - was a big hit at Sundance Film Festival), and Black Sheep (a NZ film killer sheep).

Both movies were frikkin' hilarious. Then we sat around and discussed what other nerd-like events we could organise...with paintball or outdoor laser combat looking quite probable.

Today I am going to the movies with another friend..hmm...let's call her Samantha, to see Bruno. Looking forward to that as well...see? I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to stuff!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Star Struck at Supanova

I had the BEST time at Supanova Pop Culture Expo yesterday!

I took my boy Ethan, and headed off with fellow geeks Lara Croft and Mowgli for the day. We wandered around the exhibits, bought goodies (I got a Kara Thrace "Starbuck" figurine and Ethan got a Dr Who 'Sonic Screwdriver' - no I don't know what that is either).

We went to see a Q&A with Richard Hatch aka Capt Lee 'Apollo' Adama from the original series of Battlestar Galatica and another Q&A with the very HOT and funny Karl Urban (who plays Dr 'Bones' McCoy in the new Star Trek movie).

Some of you may know already that I am a MASSIVE Battlestar Galactica fan. I loved the old series back in the late 70's when I was a teenager and have just recently enjoyed the brilliantly written drama which is the re-imagined 21st century Battlestar. Richard Hatch also appeared in the new Battlestar as a political activist, Tom Zarek.

Much to my delight, my teenage crush Richard Hatch (the handsome dark haired guy above) was there, along with fellow BSG star from the original - Dirk Benedict, who played Starbuck (Starbuck is played by a woman in the new series).

Both were doing signings and photos (which I couldn't afford). But I had fun nonetheless trying to snap photos of them as they were out and about. I managed to get this one of the back of Richard Hatch!

However, later in the day, me and my geeks were just standing around, quite a way from the autograph signing area when Mowgli and Lara Croft start saying "ooh...he's coming over Frankie, he's heading straight for us"..and I'm like "yeah sure" busily fiddling with my camera and refusing to look. They got quite frantic so I turned around just in time to see him come right up to us, say 'hi guys', walk around us with his hand on my arm and give it a gentle squeeze. NO WAY!

It's not like he had to squeeze past us or anything, we were in the middle of a big empty space. RICHARD HATCH PURPOSEFULLY TOUCHED ME!!! Seriously I was just freaked the rest of the day (and still am). We are SO going to do a re-enactment at work this week (we're big on re-enactments).
Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict are both 64 years old and still SO charismatic. I didn't get up close to Dirk but Richard was my main crush and now I can die happy :o)

Here's some more snappies. We were NOT the geekiest people there.ooh..this is for Carolyn. Dirk Benedict aka Starbuck (seated).

Here's Wolverine. He was hilarious. He'd used all his household cutlery instead of blades including spoon, fork, knife and chopsticks.
Karl Urban
Ethan said it was "The best day ever!" Here he is with Ironman.

Geek Central...

Some random ass-grabber...

Ethan and Tardis (Dr Who)

You really should try to watch the new Battlestar Galactica if you get a chance. It's nothing like the old 'kitschy' series, which is what a lot of people think of when they hear the name. It's brilliant drama that I would put on par with 'The West Wing' just happens to be set in space.There are no weird aliens or 'laser guns'. It's bullets and blood and grit and grime. It tackles issues such as racism, genocide, equality, political corruption and terrorism to name a few. It features wonderful, strong female characters as well as HOT male characters..(.always an attraction). You should start with the 2003 Mini-Series/Pilot and then the four seasons that follow. Trust me.
Ok..that's my BSG rant for today.