Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Ramblings

Yep, that's Frankie circa 1985, around the time I bought my first weights bench - 5'8 and 55kg. Go on, laugh it up. No boobs and ugly hair. We won't mention the swimmers.

So I've been a bit slack with the old blogging lately and thought I'd chuck in a random post just for fun. Very busy, and just basically DOING IT (instead of talking about doing it).

  • I weighed myself this morning and for the first time in nearly 3 years my bodyfat was less than 40% (yays).
  • Kids were supposed to be back at school Tuesday but Ethan's been off sick for two days (nooo).
  • Today I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up a donut from the bakery on the way home. His reply - "don't you think I've had enough sugar today?" (WTF?).
  • The Slovakian is doing my frikkin' head in (still incredibly hot though).
  • Still been doing the occasional 'semi-stalk' of IFKABBG. By semi-stalking I mean totally NOT actual stalking. Actual stalking is when like you wait til the kids are asleep and drive past his place in your pyjamas. That is TOTALLY not what I've been doing. I'm just occasionally driving past there at 1am in the morning when I am coming home from various social events I've been attending. Nothing fully stalkerish about that. It's called 'taking a slight detour', that is all.

That's all I have to report right now. Trying to work up courage to get out in the shed for hams, biceps and cardio but it's bloody cold!



Kerry W said...

Suck it up Princess! :-)

Pizza Gal said...

What does that caption say?

Pizza Gal said...

OMG! he he!
I think last time I was that small was maybe I was 8!
Nice bathers. Pity they're not fluro, that would have added to the ensemble.

Rachael P said...

he he, at least you can say you have legs girl that go for miles. And dont forget the 80's were FUN, and fashion sense well you can probably see most of it in todays fashion anyway.

Frankie said...

OMG Rachael if I could only get those legs back. And the high cut fashions of the time make them look longer!

Frankie said...

Yeah yeah frikkin' sgt Kerry LOL! I did actually suck it up and got out there and did hams, biceps and hour cardio!

Em I was a little fatty as a kid and didn't start to slim down til I was about 12. I was much thinner than that while I was at high school. I was about 20 in that photo. Oh and the caption says "I can't hold this pose all day"!

Kitty said...

i am not sure how old you are in this picture, but i'm going to risk it and say "PHWOAR!"

Frankie said...'s ok Kitty I was 20..and I thought i was too fat of course :oS

2010 said...

nice arm definition! Hey! I had the whole bather with the skirt thing to hide my thighs!!! jealous much!

Frankie said...

2010 - haha..all I knew how to do was bicep curls back then LOL!

Friday said...


Loved it ... and yr gorgeous togs.


Frankie said...

thanks Friday. Those togs are same design as my kitchen tiles back then!1