Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off my hook!

I am SO not giving out my phone number to random men anymore.
One such man called me last night and I seriously had no idea who he was or how he got my number, yet he seemed to know an awful lot about me.
Then I remembered - it was Ivan (pronounced Eee-vahn) the Croatian who I gave my number to while chatting on RSVP a couple months ago (right after BB Idiot).
We actually did have a phone conversation back then, but I was sick as a dog and we decided that we'd catch up when I was better.
Well apparently he thought I should be better by now.
Eeee-vahn called me from an oil rig somewhere in the Indian Ocean. He works 3 weeks on 3 weeks off. Not sure what he does but it's something involving lots of grease and sweat and such.
He is also studying his Cert 3/4 in Fitness and in the process of building a PT studio in the backyard of his home in a lovely, leafy, inner city suburb.
Yeah, sounds promising but COULD NOT BE FUCKED!
Then, Bachelor No. 3 starts texting me this morning at work. Geez....I've got enough personal shit to deal with at work (blogging, facebooking etc) I just haven't got time to answer goddam text messages from guys I am never ever going to have sex with.......EVER! Seriously, the guy was so petite that if I rode him like a crazy cowgirl I'd probably snap his pelvis!
Yes, I know that by taking this attitude I am definitely going to fail 100 Day Challenge Goal No. 6 but I'll just have to grin and bear it......ya know...if I can't grin and BARE it....
This post is dedicated to Ms E. who asked me - "Where's Thursday?"
PS - Apologies to Bachelor No. 3 if you were stalkerish enough to track down my blog but I did warn you.


KRISTIN said...

Hehe... you're a maneater Frankie, they all want you! Love it!

Rachael P said...

LOL - I love getting up in the morning and laughing. Frankie, just put them in as a 100day challenge, to do or not to do. he he he.Love the cowgirl comment.

Kitty said...

i don't do petite men either. eew.

Spunky Britches said...

God you make me laugh girl!!

This has to be all inspiring for you 'TO SUCCESFULLY COMPLETE' your 100 challenge. If its raining men now then the sky is the limit for you babes... Lap it up. XOXOX

Em said...

oh dear, the joys of being popular :) hehehe!

Kerry W said...

Are you on heat? Geez...when it rains in Frankie-dom, it pours! :-)

Frankie said... NOT! ..ok I am.

Glad I could make you laugh Rach!!! he he..>BAD cowgirl...

Kitty I my taste in men in getting bigger every year!

Thanks Doing This for Me! I've gone from total man drought to rain...nice change!

Em, well it beats cross-stitch.

I don't know Kerry but I did spray on some ACME Sex Godess Pheremones this week.