Sunday, July 5, 2009

Star Struck at Supanova

I had the BEST time at Supanova Pop Culture Expo yesterday!

I took my boy Ethan, and headed off with fellow geeks Lara Croft and Mowgli for the day. We wandered around the exhibits, bought goodies (I got a Kara Thrace "Starbuck" figurine and Ethan got a Dr Who 'Sonic Screwdriver' - no I don't know what that is either).

We went to see a Q&A with Richard Hatch aka Capt Lee 'Apollo' Adama from the original series of Battlestar Galatica and another Q&A with the very HOT and funny Karl Urban (who plays Dr 'Bones' McCoy in the new Star Trek movie).

Some of you may know already that I am a MASSIVE Battlestar Galactica fan. I loved the old series back in the late 70's when I was a teenager and have just recently enjoyed the brilliantly written drama which is the re-imagined 21st century Battlestar. Richard Hatch also appeared in the new Battlestar as a political activist, Tom Zarek.

Much to my delight, my teenage crush Richard Hatch (the handsome dark haired guy above) was there, along with fellow BSG star from the original - Dirk Benedict, who played Starbuck (Starbuck is played by a woman in the new series).

Both were doing signings and photos (which I couldn't afford). But I had fun nonetheless trying to snap photos of them as they were out and about. I managed to get this one of the back of Richard Hatch!

However, later in the day, me and my geeks were just standing around, quite a way from the autograph signing area when Mowgli and Lara Croft start saying "ooh...he's coming over Frankie, he's heading straight for us"..and I'm like "yeah sure" busily fiddling with my camera and refusing to look. They got quite frantic so I turned around just in time to see him come right up to us, say 'hi guys', walk around us with his hand on my arm and give it a gentle squeeze. NO WAY!

It's not like he had to squeeze past us or anything, we were in the middle of a big empty space. RICHARD HATCH PURPOSEFULLY TOUCHED ME!!! Seriously I was just freaked the rest of the day (and still am). We are SO going to do a re-enactment at work this week (we're big on re-enactments).
Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict are both 64 years old and still SO charismatic. I didn't get up close to Dirk but Richard was my main crush and now I can die happy :o)

Here's some more snappies. We were NOT the geekiest people there.ooh..this is for Carolyn. Dirk Benedict aka Starbuck (seated).

Here's Wolverine. He was hilarious. He'd used all his household cutlery instead of blades including spoon, fork, knife and chopsticks.
Karl Urban
Ethan said it was "The best day ever!" Here he is with Ironman.

Geek Central...

Some random ass-grabber...

Ethan and Tardis (Dr Who)

You really should try to watch the new Battlestar Galactica if you get a chance. It's nothing like the old 'kitschy' series, which is what a lot of people think of when they hear the name. It's brilliant drama that I would put on par with 'The West Wing' just happens to be set in space.There are no weird aliens or 'laser guns'. It's bullets and blood and grit and grime. It tackles issues such as racism, genocide, equality, political corruption and terrorism to name a few. It features wonderful, strong female characters as well as HOT male characters..(.always an attraction). You should start with the 2003 Mini-Series/Pilot and then the four seasons that follow. Trust me.
Ok..that's my BSG rant for today.


nwtrunner said...


It looks like it was a really great day for you guys - so good that you enjoyed it and you got to see those teen-age crushes!!!

I'm not much of a sci-fi fan, but I'd go to the show cuz it looks like so much fun!

Kerry W said...

Glad you had a great time Frankie, and Ethan as well!

I quite like West Wing, so I may have to put the new BSC on my list of DVD's.

Frankie said...

Hey Alasdair. Yeah I don't think you'd really have to be into sci fi to enjoy the atmosphere of the day.

Kerry, you SO should take a look at it. Although you may have to look around for it.

Carolyn said...

Thanks Frankie! Sheesh, I can't believe they're like 64????
Ahhhh, memories!
Carolyn xx

Frankie said...

I know Carolyn, I couldn't believe it myself. I was telling my friend that they must be mid 50's by now and when I got home and looked it up they are twenty years older than me. Which means they must have been in their 30's during Battlestar. They don't look it at all *still swooning*.

Hilary said...

I was reading your post thinking "Richard Hatch - wasn't he the guy who won the first Survivor??"!! LOL!

I remember watching the original BSG when I was a kid, I thought Starbuck was a bit of alright :)

Looks like you guys had an awesome time, and how excting that you got "touched" by celebrity!!

Hilary xx

Frankie said...

Hilary, when I was googling for photos I did keep getting the other Richard Hatch NAKED on the island..eeiiiwww.

lfpe said...

now that looks like a lot of fun!! I love sci-fi and Hubby would have been in heaven... he's a BSG nut!
I don't remember much of the old series, but do remember Starbuck. I thought he was a bit of allright too hehe

Frankie said...

It was awesome! I've never been to one but I'm going to make sure I go every year I think.

My Starbuck (that's the NEW starbuck) figurine is sitting proudly on my desk LOL

LizN said...

OOh I loved Dirk Benedict in the old one. I haven't gotten into the new series. Do you like Heroes, I love that show too ;0

Frankie said...

Yeah Liz I think both Dirk and Richard are a bit alright.

I do like Heroes and annoyed they put it on so late as I keep forgetting to tape it :o(

judestone said...

what a fantastic day! I love that you guys got to spend a day together being geeky and even more than that, I love that you got a freakin SQUEEEEEEZE!

Frankie said...

Yes Jude and more geekiness tomorrow night - we'z having a Zombie night tomorrow! (no kids invited to this one). flesh eating and decapitations galore!

No squeezing though.