Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Frankie

I'm so pleased with myself at the moment. It was frikkin' cold in Perth last night and I actually dragged myself out to the shed to do weights and some cardio at 8pm. The shed can't be warmed up either. The eaves are open so the wind howls through and at one stage I thought the bloody roof was going to blow off.

I can NOT believe I was motivated enough to get out there. I guess I'm trying to analyse the crap out of everything but I want to hold onto this. I don't want to go back to the way I was before....the way I've always been. Where I will use ANY excuse not to workout.

My nutrition seems to be sorting itself out nicely (another first) but I've always been inconsistent with the exercise. I know my FM has a lot to do with it but still, I've never WANTED to exercise so much. I just make time for it. If something comes up suddenly, like it did yesterday, I will just suck it up and work around it. Even if it means getting out in the freezing cold shed til after 9pm.

Today's workout is also done and dusted and I'm ready to feed the brats, have a shower and then make myself a cheese and caramelised onion omelette..mmmmm.

I am SO luvin' myself sick right now (as Jude would say....at least I think it was Jude....was it Jude?)


cam said...

Yay Frankie!

KRISTIN said...

Good work Frankie! Go you!

Kerry W said...

da..da-da-da..da-da..da-da..da...Go Frankie!

Yeah...I still think that some of Judy's idioms should be added to the dictionary...he..he..I just love them!

Wow...what an inspirational moment hey? You are sounding so pumped and it's great when you have that goal in your head - isn't it amazing what you can do when you want something bad enough?

Frankie said...

Thanks Guys :o)

Still trying to figure out where my new found attitude is coming from. Not sure whether it's totally all in the mind or because FM symptoms and back/neck symptoms have settled down now because I'm more active.

Either way I'm just going with it!

Valley Girl said...

good for you frankie, you will be at goal in no time with that determined attitude!

nwtrunner said...

So, how friggin' cold WAS it?

My record for running outdoors is -48 C and for cross-country skiing it's -49 C. Yah, those are minus signs, and there are lots in the -30s and 40s.

It becomes a state of mind and the human body is capable of much, as Antarctic and Arctic explorers and adventurers have shown over the years.

Getting out and DOING it is the main thing, and you feel so great (and virtuous!) afterwards.

You're doing wunnerful grand - keep it up!

Frankie said...

Thanks Valley Girl I hope so!

Hey NWT Runner. Of course it's not cold compared what you are used to! It's all relative. Our summers are usually 3 months of temps over between mid 30's and low 40's so anything cold and windy under 10C is cold to us!!

Probably because we still walk round in bare feet and shorts all year!

Raechelle said...

Good for you girl...go get 'em!

Frankie said...

Hey Raechelle! Will do!

judestone said...

I am so impressed that you went out there in the cold at NIGHT! I am the biggest sook in that regard. I can get up in the morning, because my brain generally doesn't catch up until I'm at the gym - but at NIGHT? no way known.
Forget loving yourself sick - I'm freakin loving YOU sick!

Frankie said...

he he thanks Jude. I did have my hoodie completely covering me and next time I think I'll wear gloves!