Monday, June 1, 2009

BB Guy Final Chapter

Blockbuster Guy is a lying c*nt.

He's been texting me every day.."how's it going".. "what you doing?" etc etc.
So...his profile is not on one dating site but I check out RSVP and he's on there! Brand spanking new in his new shirt he bought only 2 weeks ago.
What a fucking lying arsehole. Why are guys such gutless wonders and just can't say "I don't want to see you anymore" instead of spinning absolute CRAP??????
And I know it was my weight. It was that last weekend. We had sex in fucking bright light (cellulite's worst enemy) and it was after that he lost interest. His old profile said he was looking for women 27 to 44. Now he's changed that to 27 to 40 and only looking for slim or athletic women. I knew it.
On one hand I feel I'm an idiot for setting up the meeting with him, the guy I've liked for years, when I was at my absolute worst physically. But, then think that if he actually liked me as a person, he wouldn't care. Either way, not dating again for very long time. I don't need sympathy, I just need a fucking boot to the head.
Just texted him and told him he's a liar and to never contact me again.
PS - Yes, I'm an idiot.


Kerry W said... deserve a hell-of-alot better!!

And you're not an least you ended it before things got out of hand...not like lil ol me, who knew the guy was a snake (he was dating 4 women - including mua) and still lived with the *&%$ for 6years before being dumped and waking up. Now that's an idiot! :O
But you know...I'm glad it ended, because I scored a wonderful husband out of that experience (and younger :)). Maybe that's what you need...a toyboy to help make you feel better...he..he.. :O)

You just don't know what's around the corner Frankie!

Caz said...

Wow you deserve so much better than that ASSHAT.
May I just say that you are GORGEOUS.
Now and always, despite the weigh which might I say you are doing an amazing job.
Goodluck with getting back on track this week.

And as for not dating for awhile, don't shut yourself out just yet.
You never know who might me around the corner.

Oh and well done on the interweb stalking, thats a pretty good effort to find him on there.

What a god-damn creep.

Miss.Katie said...

FiFi you are gorgeous and he is an idiot not worthy of your time.

I am sorry he turned out to be such an Asswipe


judestone said...


This says alot more about him than it does about you - what a total shallow fucktard.

It feels like you've never really been entirely comfortable with him and the way he's acted - so this is a good thing in the long run.

I was actually just coming on to comment on the *amazing* changes you've made in your progress pics - total hawtness.

Rachael P said...

I agree you deserve better, but it still doesnt help hearing it at the moment.

Just to let you know I am cranky with you, and just push on achieving the goal, use it as a weapon to push yourself harder and faster and in months time you can flaunt it big time and rub it in his face. Dirty bastard.

Rach xoxoxo

Kitty said...

well after seeing your progress shots today anyone that is that shallow is clearly beneath you.

you are NOT unattractive or unfuckable and i wish i had his number so i could prank him all afternoon and then at the end of it all inform his stupid unperfect arse that slim/athletic bitches have cellulite too, so that is going to fuck him right up next time he is looking for some poor hapless woman to masturbate inside of (cause with men like this babe, that is what it always seems to be).

it is very hard not to feel totally horrific and blame yourself for anything and everything when this type of thing happens. it has happened to all of us and it will keep on happening.

just know that you are quite lovely and you must not, must NOT allow this to drive you to food/giving up/abandoning your shrinking efforts.

fuck that cunt! use him as inspiration to diet harder, workout harder and achieve your goals so that you can sashay past his windoow in your victory outfit sometime soon and watch that motherfucker choke like a bitch.

big hugs


Cheryl said...

For fucks sake Frankie..its NOT you its HIM.
What a fucking looser. It has nothing to do with your weight, and everything to do with him being a dickhead!
Chin up sweetheart, you are sensational, and he, well, he is just the BB guy.

Tearose said...

Frankie look at it this way... If he doesn't like you as you are he can get fucked! If he was the right one he would like you as you are. Your not an idiot. *hugs* Hes an idiot, Its HIS loss and I mean that. You are beautiful inside and out.

Frankie said...

Thanks for the comments ladies, I actually replied in a post just now. (((hugs)))

Pizza Gal said...

OMFG, what a effing dickhead!

Words cannot describe how some people are just scum!