Friday, June 26, 2009

Fast and Furious Friday

So first there was 'The Fast and the Furious'....then there was '2Fast and 2 Furious'...

Now there is 'Fast and Furious' (I mean seriously, they've given up even trying).
Cars are a YAWN to me. No intention of watching this one, 'til I saw the Manflesh that will be exuding from my DVD player. Putting it on my 'must see' list now.

Thanks Vin...thanks Paul.

Fast, furious...and wet.


Caz said...

I can definatly relate to watching movies for nothing but the eye candy.
I fondly remember the fabulous four being fucking terrible.
But it had jessica alba.

I will probably watch the new transformers movie..
Just for megan fox.

tee hee

Frankie said...

It's funny I NEVER used to see movies for the actors, always the plot but I've changed lately. I think I'm getting pervier as I get older!!

haha..yeah I'll see Transformers for Josh Duhamel (former Hottie Files inductee)