Monday, June 1, 2009

Thanks guys xxxx

I just wanted to thank all you gorgeous, gorgeous ladies who commented on my last post. I am totally in love with all of you xxxx
I'm actually OK. Can't quite believe it but it's like someone flicked a switch and I'm just over it.
I must admit that as soon as I saw his profile this morning I burst into tears and had a good old howl for about 10 minutes. I phoned a couple of friends, pulled myself together and posted about it.
Then of course I read all your lovely comments and had another cry.
This isn't going to get me down. It's actually going to spur me on to be the best I can possibly be, not just 'acceptable' but exceptional. Not just with my weight/physique but with my fitness, my degree, my work and my relationships with others.
I don't want any crap in my life, just honesty, integrity ummm...oh and lots of laughter (even if it's laughing at myself and my stooopid mistakes).
Kerry, you're right. I did well to get out of it when I did. In the past I would have tried to pretend it wasn't happening and humiliate myself even further.
Miss Katie, no he's not worthy of my time and I don't intend to waste one more minute on him (and I'm going to Civic from now on!!)
Caz, no I won't close myself off. I just won't go looking for it. I'm quite happy to trip over it accidentally though, and yes...I AM a good stalker ;o)
Rach, that is SO what I intend to do. He will be spewing when he sees me this summer, sauntering into the Sci Fi aisle (the only time I will go to Blockbuster again mind you).
Jude, you are right, I was never comfortable with it and my instincts were pretty good. I love that word 'fucktard'. It's in my Fifi Dictionary now.
Kitty, yep this has TOTALLY spurred me on like you would not believe. Nope, not gonna let it put a dent in things at all. In fact, this could actually be a major turning point for me. I am a great believer that everything happens for a reason and I don't think this is any exception.
Tearose, yes I agree, he IS the idiot. I'm kinda realising that now :o)
And Cheryl, I saved you for last so I could say - no he's not "just the Blockbuster Guy", he's JUST THE BLOCKBUSTER GUY WHO LIVES AT HOME WITH HIS PARENTS.
Ahh....feeling a lot better now.
So, off to make a shopping list and write up a new and improved training regime for the next few weeks. Taking it up a step. Eating a little more and training a little more. Need some caps on my delts before summer.
It's June now and it's my birth month so going to make it a brilliant one!
And just mentioning again...I love you guys to bits.
Here's something for the BB Guy.


Top End Girl said...

Lives with his parents?!?! What is that with this generation of men! Would be interesting if he had asked you to sleep over at his house ... he he he! Stuff him, you just do what is right for you, and use this as inspiration. You've certainly inspired me over the last couple of months. Essie

Kitty said...

babe, i am going to develop sore knees from this point on, from all the praying to jebus that BB Cunt reads your blog and sees that picture.

absolutely fucking loving it.

you GO sister. xx

KRISTIN said...

hey frankie! just saw your blog now! what a dickhead!!!!! i totally agree with all those comments from the girls... you are one awesome chick and really don't deserve a tosser like that... shallow, gutless and 100% beneath you. so glad to see that from one post to the next you are still as strong as you should be and proud of yourself! keep kicking butt frankie!

cam said...

Good on you Frankie. Love the attitude!

Miss Tank said...

Oh Fifi - i've just caught up with your blog so combine all the gals comments - that's mine - enough of him - move on, next, tick that experience off your list! You'll find bigger and better ;)

Caz said...

So glad you realized how much of a DICK he was.
I hope he does what you asked and leaves you alone.

You deserve only the best, and with everything on your plate you don't need any shit on your plate.

Again, congrats on the weight loss progress. And I think your gorgeous!

Nicole said...

Hey Frankie... just read your post. What a Fucking Tosser! And by the way - loving the progress photos. You are doing so well. Don't give your power away to some stupid fucking wanker. Be careful of the self talk and every time you start to feel rejected or sad about being lied to, remind yourself that you are the better human being and he's being a fucking twat because he doesn't know any better. Nobody has the ability to make you feel something you don't want to feel. Take your power back and be successful for you ! Hugs for you xx

Shar said...

Hey frankie
Just read your posts! what a prick!
You are way more than that!
Well done for having a cry and picking yourself up.
Well done on your results with your weight loss too.
Your HOT now so god knows what your going to look like when your done shedding!
Shar xx

Kerry W said...

Hey the 'up yours' expression...great pic!

I wanted to tell you that I have noticed a HUGE change in you recently, and I think it's FANTASTIC! (cause I've witnessed it from the start). You never cease to amaze me with your PASSION AND DETERMINATION! I'm so excited, looking forward to when Frankie achieves her weight-loss (and other) goals, because it's going to be SOME HELL-OF-AN-INSPIRATIONAL-STORY!

Luv ya ta bits! :)

*sniff *sniff...even getting a little

Vix said...

OMG Frankie, I have just gotten home from work and read your posts. FUCKTARD is definitely word of the day...can think of a few others but that is probably the most pleasant of them! What a tosser.
Can't wait to see when he opens his tosser eyes and sees what he has lost, you are looking super hot already, imagine when you are at your goal!
And as a wise woman once said...NEXT!!

Frankie said...

Yeah Essie he moved in with his parents after he split with wife. I actually didn't care about that part, but he refused to tell me where he lived so now I can take the piss ;o)

Kitty, don't they make lovely red velvet cushions for that purpose? Yup, I'm thinking that privacy issue I was worried about just should have been left so he WOULD find it. T.U.R.D.

Geez Kristin I really need to get you a pager so you don't miss anything!! Gutless - Yep. Don't know quite how I got over it so soon but I'm not the same person I used to be who would be into the wine and smokes by now that's for sure.

Thanks Cam. Attitude is something no arsewipe can take away :)

Thanks Fern. Yes, going for bigger and better...although, don't know if I can handle much bigger...he he *SLAP* ouch.

Thanks Caz. I don't think I'll hear from him anytime soon. He will be feeling like a right dick I am sure. And thanks, I'm working hard on the weight loss so progressing well.

Hey Nicole. Thanks. Yeah I especially think he feels like crap after I wrote him such a nice note too. What was I thinking???? don't you get me started again. *sniff*((hugs)). Oh and yeah, that expression just seemed to come naturally today - he he.

Thanks Shar. I've actually been wanting a good cry for about a couple of weeks 'cos I knew things were not right. Watched soppy movies and everything and just couldn't do it. Feel great now that all the stress has come out :oD

Thanks Vix..yeah NEXT!!! It's hard imagining my hotness now but I will just keep going with what I am doing and hopefully immense hotness will reveal itself before summer!

Flea said...

Oh phoo! I'm sorry to read all this but just as glad you found out! You deserve wayyyy better and I'm so happy you dropped him like a cold chip! Good on you.

Frankie said...

Hey Flea. Yep..don't need any cold soggy chips at the moment! LOL!

Pitchies said...

Bahh ha ha ha. God I love that pic! You're awesome, and he is pathetic. Next!

Frankie said...

Thanks Pitchies..yes, he is pathetic. Maybe I kinda knew that but was just trying to like him too much. meh...done now.

Hilary said...

Wow, what a wanker!! At least you found out now, and not weeks later!

Do something that makes you feel good, you so deserve it, and who needs him!

Your progress photos are looking fantastic! I think BB guy has rocks in his head!

Hilary xx

Cheryl said...

Frankie you are a scream! How bloody funny! Love you work honey!

Frankie said...

Thanks Hilary. Yep, I was doing perfectly fine before I met him..don't need him at all :o)

Cheryl, well if I can't have a bloody good laugh about it what else can I do?? he he...

Pizza Gal said...

Onwards and upwards Miss Frankie.
All things happen for a reason, and with that in mind, keep going, cos what you are doing is for you and obviously working.
Plus you'll meet plenty more wonderful honest people who add to your life and don't hinder it.
xoxox Em
PS:Amazing don't read something for a few days and so much revelation happens.

Frankie said...

Thanks Em. Yeah I know I'm going to meet someone HEAPS better :o)

Hahaha...yeah don't miss a day, my life can get quite eventful sometimes when it comes to men!