Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

I grew up with Michael Jackson. I was in high school when he released his first solo album. Youtube won't let me embed any of his clips so pop over to the Michael Jackson channel today and have a listen.
Here's one of my favourites Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough.
I'm sad. I didn't think I would be, considering the bizarre direction his life took..but I am.


Vix said...

Hey was announced on the radio just as I was pulling into the gym carpark this morning and I obviously walked in looking pretty shocked cos our receptionist was like "what the hell is wrong with you??" I told her and we went over and turned all the tvs onto the news...and I got all teary! I think it's so sad that someone who shaped so much of today's music has gone but I also find it very very sad thinking about what he went from, to what he became.
Rest in Peace, MJ - you will be missed :(

Frankie said...

Yeah... my kids were even upset as I introduced them to all the old favourites (and film clips) from when they were little.

I think it's having such affect because music prompts such an emotional response. My formative years, all through high school there was Michael Jackson. Many, many memories of me and my best buddies lying on the bedroom floor, singing along to the lyrics from the album sleeve.

You're right too, there's that sadness from seeing him so young and talented and becoming a bizarre shadow of his former self.

Sitting here at work and they are playing MJ on the radio for the next hour apparently.