Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I ate bread and butter, bread and butter and golden syrup, bread and butter and vegemite, bread and butter and peanut butter, and bread and butter and jam.
I kept thinking "what would Sarah Connor do?" but decided she would probably also like a muesli bar.
I think I put on about 2kg overnight. Let's just call in post BB Guy carb loading and forget about it shall we?
The end.


Valley Girl said...

Cheer up frankie~ tommorrows a new day sweetie.

BB boys the dick here!
keep smiling & pumping iron at least your going to get somewhere with that... HOT terr!

Pizza Gal said...

ahhh i love carbs too.
You'll be right missy!
Its totally understandable though.

Kerry W said...

Carb loading?...what carb loading...erased from my memory. Onward and upward! :)

Frankie said...

Hey Valley Girl. I'm fine now. Back on track today. Just a temporary blip..(somewhat like BB guy)

Hi Em..yeah, if there was ever a time for carbs this was it.

He he...onya Kerry. Just needed to confess my sins ;)

Daire said...

Hi Frankie,

thanks for dropping by my blog!
I agree with everyone else - BB guy is a total choad smoker. May his arse hairs turn into drumsticks and beat the shit out of him.

You're back on track and that's the main thing. A friend of mine always says "Onward and downward!" (in relation to weight loss hehe)

Take care!

Cheryl said...

I love carbs!!! love love love...but shit happens and time to move on.

Frankie said...

Thanks Daire..hahaha..arse hairs..

No worries, I am loving following all the IBO girls in their weightloss (and everyone else!)

Yes Cheryl that was the LAST of it out. I deleted all his texts too. xxx

Top End Girl said...

Hey, you were just 'carb cycling' weren't you? maybe a bit of water weight, but just a hiccup, you'll be fine. Essie