Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

VLOG - Interview with Nerd Guy on a Tuesday

Testing out the vid on my new phone.  

This is for ME and Nerd Guy....oh and my sister in Seattle (hey Donna this is HIM!!)  The rest of you?  Well it's gonna make you throw up in your mouth a little.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Saturday, June 18, 2011


So I turned 46 this week....Thursday actually.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what to write.  Should it be a retrospective on the last year?  Maybe a comparison with where my life was this time last year?  Should it simply be a snippet about what I did for my birthday?  What to write....what to write....? I think I'm just gonna start typing and see what happens...

Nerd Guy has been really supportive of my writing....even though I haven't done any since March, (Yeah, he reads my, he's not a blogger.) Even now that I'm 'back' my posts are literally just snapshots of my life right now.  I probably wouldn't have posted at all if not for him telling me "your friends need to know that you're happy now".   

And I AM happy.

My life at the moment does not resemble in any way, shape or form, my life, this time last year.  Quite frankly, most of the last 18 months has sucked MAJORLY.  Oh, there were good bits, but the stress prior to those good bits, or resulting from those good bits far outweighed any 'good' at the time and the cumulative result left me pretty fucked up, both physically and emotionally.  

I'm not gonna re-hash all the 'stuff', you can go back and read about it if you want, but it pretty much covered 5 of the top 10 'stressful' events in one's life - job loss, death of family member, moving house, relationship breakup and illness.  

But, out of the blue, I found a way to deal with the stress (no...not drinking!), the last 18 months started to fade from thought, and I started to see only the good that has come out of it.

1.  I have a permanent job, 15 minutes from home.
2.  We live in a great house, in an awesome area.
3.  I'm even closer to my extended family.
4.  I've lost 10kg since this time last year (about 10 to go still...)
5.  I'm no longer afraid of having a relationship...

... which is a good thing, 'cos then I met Nerd Guy.

He doesn't like that name, and I don't blame him.  He's actually not a nerd at all.  He's VERY cool.  We like a lot of the same stuff.  We like doing the same kinda things (our first date was ten pin bowling). that I'm talking about HIM I might as well fill you in on the gos'....

We met on RSVP...yes!  RSVP.   And, to date, he seems relatively sane.  We didn't realise we had so much in common right away, I just got a nice 'vibe' from his profile, but after a couple of emails we realised we had a heap of common interests...which always gives us something to talk about.

So....a bit about His Nerdness...

He's 43 in September, 6'1" and has lovely green eyes :o).  His kids are same age as mine (two boys 12 and 15).  He's been divorced nearly as long as me (hallelujah!) and lives only 15 minutes away.  Hmm...what else?  Oh, he was a graphic designer in advertising for many years and now he's in his final year of a Fine Art degree, majoring in photography.  He also works part time as a carer...basically, he's pretty fucking awesome (and he thinks I say 'awesome' too much...).

Ok...enough about my ACTUAL FOR REAL LOVE LIFE...

Back to my birthday!

I ate way too much cake at work on Wednesday, then took Thursday and Friday off for a fabulous birthday, long weekend.  

Thursday was 'girlfriend day' and I went to to the movies with a friend to see Hangover 2, had a haircut...just enjoyed not being at work.  Nerd Guy popped round with his boys in the evening.  It was a good birthday.

Friday was 'boyfriend day'.  I spent around 5 hours, in bed, enjoying the view....

...ummmm yeah, there were some other things I was enjoying but this was the only photo he'd let me use (he has a strict 'no nudity' clause).

As for the rest of my birthday weekend...who gives a crap?  I'm still back at 'boyfriend day'...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nerd Guy & Geek Girl

Sooo....I've been spending a LOT of time with a certain guy lately.

He's just lovely.

I could prattle on about how he's tall and handsome and smart and artistic - but I won't.

I could also write a page or two about how HOT I am for him - but I won't.

However I WILL say that for the last couple of weeks I've been smiling WAY more than I have done for a very long time :o)

Here's some photos of what we've been up to...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011