Thursday, June 4, 2009

Local Hotness

Looking forward to seeing Terminator Salvation with a bunch of friends tomorrow. Here's one of the reasons why ;o) Yummy Sam Worthington (a gorgeous Perth boy). This is a special request for Kerry. Sorry, couldn't find any shirtless shots but there is a wet one.


Cheryl said...

Nothing wrong with a wet one Frankie.

Daire said...

:) mmmmm who needs real candy when eye candy is just as good? (but does he melt in your mouth? down girl! rowr!)

Witchazel said...

Hey don't stress the weight thing, it' just water from the carbs and will go in a couple of days... I gained 4kgs from Sunday to yesterday just from eating carbs after the comp LOL

Kerry W said...

Thanks for the pics Frankie...however...I don't think I'm going to be completely satisfied until I see him 'in the flesh - on the big screen'. :) Thanks for the appetiser!

Ciao...Kerry :)

Frankie said...

He he..nope Cheryl not at all ;0)

Yep Daire he's a little hottie alright (I feel like such a dirty old woman).

Thanks Cathy. Yeah I'm hoping I'll get rid of it with some very clean eating over the weekend.

Well Kerry if you must. I will see him tomorrow - I'm sure it will be worth the wait. He's LUVERLY!

Nicole said...

Don't stress about the weight Frankie. If its a lifeslong commitment to your health that you've made, then that 0.8 kg means nothing in the big picture. Keep going hard. You're doing well. Oh, and thanks for the pics.... the wet one is my favourite..ggrrrr

Frankie said...

Hi Nicole. Yeah, usually I'd have a panic but I know that I can get back in fatloss mode quite easily so just going to get back to it. And it's definitely a lifestyle thing now.

PS - yes I like him wet too.