Sunday, June 21, 2009

Australian Idol, Hell & Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Still recovering from my late night Friday after going out with a bunch of friends for mine and Little Lulu's birthdays.
First on the agenda was Ellington's Jazz Club. Not quite what we were expecting but lots of fun nevertheless, mostly due to the great company. As I mentioned the other day, I'm not into jazz but the show was a guy doing lots of 'crooner' type songs, ya know, Frank Sinatra, Deano...that sorta stuff and I couldn't help but groove out a little (the more vodka...the more groovin').
My girlfriends and I spent the evening trying to decide which member of the band was the cutest (the consensus was the double bass player who we named 'Fingers', with the trumpet player coming in a close second).
The drummer was...interesting. Lara Croft pointed out that he did indeed bear a striking resemblance to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. We spent the rest of the night trying to figure out if he was undressing us with his eyes or just going cross-eyed trying to read the music.
I caught up with some friends who I hadn't seen for a couple of months and was thrilled when they commented on how 'fabulous' I was looking (I was around 8kg heavier last time I saw them). I repaid their kind comments by making them listen to the whole 'Idiot Formerly know as Blockbuster Guy' story from scratch, which they seemed to enjoy, especially the bit when Lara Croft, Mowgli and I did a re-enactment of the shopping centre 'incident'.
The group split up around 11pm with Little Lulu et al heading off to an Irish Pub and Lara Croft, Mowgli and I trotting off to a bar called...'Deville's'. That's it..the photo above.
It's a kitsch little dance club/bar that has a 60's theme which revolves around..Hell. There's devils, a volcano, go-go girls in cages, obscure 60's and 70's clips on the big screen with music to match. Bizarrely, the DJ was Courtney Murphy, of Australian Idol fame (or not). Don't know quite how he landed that gig. His choice in music ranged from totally groovin' to absolute crap and we left when our dance shoes got bored..sometime after 1am, and was tucked up in bed shortly after 2.
Yesterday was quiet. Crumbed chicken breast stuffed with Camembert, followed by mud cake for my birthday lunch at mums and then home to crash on the couch and watch dvd's with the boy.
Got bored around 9pm and noticed BB Idiot was online at RSVP. Did you know that if you try to log in to RSVP with your username and get the password wrong 3 times you get locked out? I managed to get BB Idiot locked out and I went to bed all happy and feeling like I'd really accomplished something.


Vix said...

GOLD Frankie!! Love that you got BB Tosser Fucktard locked and I must be on about the same wavelength cos that's exactly something I would do!!

Glad you had a great night out celebrating your birthday :) And gotta love that people are noticing the changes in you, great work you!

Hey...I just realised something...your 'blue' photo - you look like that chick that plays Roberta Williams in Underbelly!!! WOOT!!


Frankie said...

hehe...thanks Vic. Great minds think alike! Don't fuck with US!

Nicole said...

Hey Frankie.. sounds like a good night out for your B'day. Love it that you fucked with BB guys head. I wonder if he would've known it was you...... mmmmm. (tosser)

Hilary said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday celebration! (belated Happy Birtday too!)

That is so funny that you got BB idiot locked out of RSVP!!

Hilary xx

Frankie said...

Thanks Nicole and Hilary. Yeah, was a fun night.

I bet BB Idiot does think it's me...he was paranoid that I took the Civic DVD back to Blockbuster as a 'statement' so he's obviously paranoid about the whole thing LOL

judestone said...

On your Idol experience, Chanel Cole from 2004 now works as a public servant in my department. Ahhh, the products of reality TV.

Your birthday night sounded great actually, it doesn't matter where you go if the company is great!

Frankie said...

haha...yeah Jude that 15 minutes of fame fades pretty fast I think.

It WAS a great night. Heaps of fun and no riding the porcelain bus. Always a bonus.

Kitty said...

ohooooh, you dished up "the lockout"....


Frankie said...

Kitty, have wrath - will use.