Friday, May 29, 2009


Absolutely loving my work weigh-ins at the moment. Another 1kg down this week and the thick black line on the graph is pointing down down down.

Nothing much else to report today other than a temporary privacy issue I am still trying to sort out which forced me to make my blog go private for a bit (if you blinked you probably missed it).
Was a bit worried about BB Guy finding my blog but decided BUGGER IT.
Hey you!!! If you are reading this I've had a big fat crush on you for 6 years..ok????!!! And I kinda like you so pull your finger out and call me this weekend....geez.
Got a bad headcold at the moment. Haven't really done any significant exercise for a week and my diet has been sub-par. Came home from work early yesterday and spent the afternoon dosed up on cold pills and watching Prison Break.
Here's a couple of reasons why.


Rachael P said...

Hi Frankie, Fantastic results, you are a trooper. Hhhmm I know the feeling of being sick, yuk yuk. I have a horrible cough. Anyway keep it going, your going to be at your goal in no time. Rach ;-)

Kerry W said...

What can I say...this weekly weight loss is getting boring (not)...he...he...keep it coming! :)

Cheryl said...

Your doing so well Miss F!
Send some results my way.

Shar said...

Nice work Frankie! Keep plodding along, before you know it those rusty's will be toooooo BIG!!

Hope the cold gets better and you get a visit this weekend ;)

Shar x

Frankie said...

Thanks Rach. I seem to be getting over it. Been on the Codral today and feel ok so hopefully back to normal tomorrow.

Hey's a bit of a yawn I know he he..

Hi Cheryl...ok sending fat loss vibes your way!!!

Yep Shar, plodding plodding and suddenly I'll be in a size smaller (and I do have 2 size 12 Rusty's in the cupboard). As for BB Guy - I've already got a text from him today, enquiring about my health status so maybe I'll be seeing him this weekend after all :)

KRISTIN said...

Awesome work Frankie, so glad to hear things are coming along so well with your weight loss goals! Go you!

Frankie said...

Thanks Kristin. I'd better pull my finger out 'cos next goal is looming!