Saturday, May 2, 2009

Play by play account.....

.....ok so I get back in from cleaning the shed/gym and and onto internet dating site and there's like 200 guys who want to 'get to know me' (well ok there was 13). Anyway, there was a couple of hotties and I'm thinking that if BB guy's not interested then bugger him, I'll have one of those thanks.
I sent him another Contact Request. I'd waited ALL morning for him to accept and had come to the conclusion that he obviously doesn't want to know me and my life is therefore OVERRRR.
But, just now while I am fighting off 'nero1 from Gosnells' and 'V8Man from Bicton' who are just dying to enthral me with tales of beer drinking and pool playing.......he accepts my Contact Request. YIPPEEEEE! And then he either logs off or goes "invisible". That's ok 'cos I'm invisible myself. I just sent him a message telling him to stop lurking. No response. I think he's shy.
I seriously hope that's him. He does look a little different...but I guess I look different too. Shit, I hope he recognises me. I'm going to interrogate him straight up and make sure he knows it's me so I don't look like a dickhead.
I also accepted a contact requested from another hottie but I'm a bit worried 'cos one of his interests was "brain re-programming".
Stand by for further updates....
Oh crap I was just about to publish this when he logged back on again.....shit.....saying something dammit . Oh fuck he's writing a thingemy!!!!
OMG we're chatting!
Hmm...ok I asked him if he recognises me. Long pause....he must be chatting to someone else or he doesn't bloody know who I am...or it's not him. GULP. Oh shit and now it says he's away. Probably the kids....maybe? Ohhh..he's back! He says "You look familiar, but I can't put a name to the face"...fuckit...he doesn't realise it's me.
Ok....I asked him if he was blockbuster guy and he said he IS but he still can't figure out who I am. I told him that I'm usually tired and bedraggled when I come in so I don't look like my photo. I'm having to give him clues. He says "ur funny". I wonder what sort of funny he thinks I am?
he he...chatting still...
Ooops...called him by his real name and now he thinks I'm a stalker. Ok I've told him now about our conversation the other day....waiting..waiting for the lightbulb moment.....
he must be having a few different conversations at once.....
Oh shit he's at work!....hahahaha..he's serving customers...
He says he does remember the conversation now. Gawd...I make SUCH an impression don't I?
While we're waiting for BB to serve customers I will mention that after I said "you're blockbuster guy"...a little while later he said "I don't like being blockbuster guy"...awwwwwww
Damn BB guy just asked me if my password was _______. Shit! Now he has access to my address and all my phone numbers and knows what I like to watch!
He just said "You're a good customer". Gosh....
A bit more small talk .....he said he'd better go as he finishes at 4pm and he's got to do some actual work.
I said "ok...nice chatting to you" and he said "maybe chat later on" and I said "k".
The end.
Now.....I'm going to spend hours and hours dissecting the whole conversation that I so happen to have SAVED. Maybe he's just being polite. If he pops up online later tonight that'll be good but if he's disappointed that it's me well...that's fine too. I just can't believe that he didn't recognise me...but then again I've had a crush on him for years and to him I've just been a customer. It is hard to place someone out of context so I'll give him that much.
Anyway, I know his first name and where he works and he knows my full name, address, phone number, date of birth and taste in movies. That seems fair.


Witchazel said...

LOL!!!!!!!! You sound so much like me!!! Must be a Gemini thing LOL!!! I totally disect every convesation like that LOL Good luck with BB guy!!!!

Vix said...

woo hoo Frankie!! Progress, you go girl!!
I so need to know what happens next!! lol
Good luck xx

Jehanne said...

LMAO - hahhahahhahahah

You are soooo frickin funny girl!