Friday, May 8, 2009

The Shed

Nothing much to report so here's some photos of my shed. I did a big clean-up on the weekend and I just love hanging out there now so thought I'd show it off. As you can see I really have no excuse whatsover not to exercise!

The deadly tready......

I got this home gym with leg press on ebay for $350 including delivery!

My original weights bench I bought back in 1985.

Have a great Friday everyone!


Valley Girl said...

Wow frankie you have it all, not a bad effort for a single mum who would have struggled at times.
been there done that, good on you, just some loud boppy music & your good to go...

Frankie said...

Hey Valley Girl. Yeah, it's stuff I've accumulated over the years. The kids were 2 and 5 when I separated and going to the gym wasn't an option for me so had to do it at home. That's it for me though as very lucky to have the big shed at this rental but who knows where I may have to move next!

Kerry W said... look great Frankie! I'd love to have the room to have my own gym and be able to do my martial arts training, and hang up my kicking bag.

Your shed would also be a great place to 'get away'. And I bet it feels better after your big clean-up.

Frankie said...

Kerry I LUUURVE my shed. yeah I love hiding out there sometimes. It's got tv/dvd and stereo. Its got one normal door and a big sliding door so it opens up to the back yard. It gets a bit creepy at night though!