Saturday, May 16, 2009


So just got back from a haircut, voted against daylight savings (hate it with a passion), did the shopping. Now gotta pay bills, clean house, do the washing, get me and the girl ready for her "Rollerskating Hippy Birthday Party', go to the party, drop her at mum's, race back here and get changed before BB Guy picks me up for dinner (yes he's still hanging around ;oD ).
Had a major panic attack when realised I have NOTHING to wear but randomly grabbed a pair of size 14 black casual pants off the back of my door and tried them on. THEY FIT! And that's not all - I can wear my Rusty's now. Still a bit of an overhang but quite respectable. I don't fit into any of my size 14 jeans yet so there will be no burning/chopping/ballooning of the my size 16's just now but just so relieved that I've got two pairs of pants I can wear to work, the pub, whatever. Yippee!
Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far!


Kerry W said...

Woot! Woot! Now go and shake a tailfeather in your Rustys! HAVE FUN...IYKWIM... ;o)

Frankie said...

Yep got my Rusty's on the for hippy party and wearing the black ones tonight.

Four teenage girls have currently taken over my bathroom so I'll just sit here and read blogs til it's time to go. What the hell is IYKWIM? LOL

Kerry W said...

If You Know What I Mean *wink *wink

Frankie said...

hahaha...ok. Well I managed to survive the party and now waiting for him to pick me up for dinner. STARVING. And if I was having anymore fun, I'd need a wheelchair... ;o)

Friday said...

You hate daylight savings.. Why?

I love it.

I hope you had a great night.


Frankie said...

Well I did have a great night thanks very much Friday ;oD

As for daylight savings... ugh. It's very hot over here so having extra daytime at the end of the day is of no use to me. Poor kids have after school sport in 40+ degree heat, you can't get them to bed, it's awful. I need my extra daylight in the mornings when it's the coolest time of the day to go for walk or do gardening..or just be cool in the daylight. That's the only time it is cool. It's a frikkin nightmare.

Anyway we WON..YIPPEE!!!!