Sunday, May 3, 2009

Date Report

*yawn*...morning :) where were we? That's right - BB Guy and I finished our chat yesterday afternoon and I got stuck into cleaning out the shed. I did an hour on the treadmill and thought I'd just check the dating site before I got in the shower to see if he was back on there. He was!

We chatted a little and established we were both kid free (whooooo hooooo!). He just straight up asked if I wanted to grab a drink. He only lives 5 minutes away and suggested our local pub. So it was a mad bloody rush...showered, blow dried hair, sultry makeup and out the door in 35 mins...not bad at all.

After getting lost trying to take the secret short cut to the pub....I arrived. As I walked past the window I spotted him at the bar, he saw me and flashed a big "oh it's YOU" smile in my direction.

First thing he said was that I looked nothing like my photo, but he seemed pleased nevertheless. I was pleased too. He is HUGE. Six foot tall and built like a brick shithouse. Oh my god...seriously. Not lean muscular, but stocky muscular.. like a big bear (swoon). And did I mention he's like 7 years younger than me? He he he...Frankie was VERY happy.

But...I'm a Gemini, and whether you believe in that stuff or not, one thing is true about me and it's that I love to communicate, whether writing or talking, and if I ever do have another partner, he needs to be someone who I can bounce ideas and thoughts off quickly and have them come back at me at a similar pace. BB Guy is just not that guy and he's never going to be. As much as I was attracted to his looks (and body...drool), I knew in the first 5 minutes that intellectually, it just wasn't going to be there for me...and, to be perfectly honest I kind of expected it.

He is a gorgeous, lovely guy though. He told me about his business ventures (he owns 3 Blockbuster stores) and some new ventures he wants to try. We chatted about dating, kids, ex's...ya know, the usual.

We were sitting on stools at the bar and over the two hours we were there we somehow got closer and closer til our legs were almost intertwined....and every conversation required a physical demonstration involving...touching (*goosebumps*).

Midnight - time for him to walk me to my car. We did the usual, nice meeting you, we'll have to catch up again sometime..blah di blah. Hovering...ok...don't quite want to leave yet.. both slightly car door...DAMMIT - reach over, grab shirt and pull him over for a good night kiss that lasted about 15 minutes. I never knew two people could get so goddam hot with a car door between them. Well ok, the car door lasted about 2 minutes the rest was soft and spongy me up against a giant mountain of a man (and loving it). At that point is was pretty clear that the night wasn't ending there.

A stranger shouting "get a room!" broke the spell and it was decided that the best course of action would be to go back to my place, with me getting a 10 minute head start to clean the toilet, throw all the dirty clothes, ironing and general crap in the spare room and spray on some more Chanel No. 19.

OMG best kisser EVER!

He arrived.....

...two hours later he left.
You can use your imagination to fill in the blanks but I'll give you a hint - IT INVOLVES INCREDIBLY HOT SEX!!!!
So, that was my night. As hot as it was, I'm going to make it clear to him that I'm not interested in a relationship. I got a vibe from him that he likes me...quite a lot and I'm very uncomfortable in pretending I feel the same. No, I do really like him and he would be great to have as friend and I'm going to make that clear to him. And, if he wants to be a friend who occasionally comes round when I'm kid free and warms up my bed...that's perfectly ok (well it's extremely more than ok actually). maybe I'll just play it by ear for a little while.....

I wasn't going to go into any of the gory details but I will say that he's not one of those guys who rolls over and goes to sleep. He chatted softly to me for a long while (as I was drifting in and out of sleepiness) kissing the back of my neck and running his big man hands all over my curvy bits. It was the most beautiful I have felt in a very long time. Bliss.

Good night kisses at the door and agreement that we should most definitely do this again.

Ten minutes later he texts - "Thanks for a great night, stalker"
EDIT - Miss Moneypenny if you are reading this please do NOT tell anyone at work that I had sex. I want to see if they think I look different and then I'll see if they can guess why.


Valley Girl said...

Good for you frankie,
Im glad you had a great time & good company *wink*

I bet you have a smile on your dial all day long...


Cheryl said...

OMG! You got to bonk BB Guy! Good on you! Im thrilled for you, shame we dont have a BB around here..LOL

Hilary said...

OMG the things you miss when you're away from blogland for a few days!! Sounds like you have had a bloody awesome few days, bet you are still floating on cloud nine!

Hilary xx

Shar said...


I'd play with your new friend some more before deciding anything and make sure you enjoy the ride! (pardon the pun)

Shar x

Kitty said...

huzzah my sista!!!

fuck him dry babygirl. he sounds like he can handle it.

GOD i miss stalking down large man-prey and nailing them to the wall with hoochie cooch moves.

jeaaaaalouuuusssssss xxxxxx

Witchazel said...

Wooohoooo!!!!! You go girl!!! Don't make an hasty decisions about the realtionship just enjoy the fun for a while... I am old and married and Totally jealous!!!!!!!!!!!! Just keep hm a little longer so I can live vicariously PLEASE!!!! LOL

Frankie said...

Hi Valley Girl nice to meet you! and YES I've had a smile on my face ALL day. Totally useless.

Cheryl. He he..I know! Hadn't really planned on it though!

Hilary, yeah, things can really change in a few days. LOL! Very unexpected to say the least :)

Hi Shar. Yeah I will. I have a morbid fear of any sort of committment, even second dates, so I'm just going to take a deep breath and see where it goes.

Kitty!!! I've still got it! Even when I'm super curvy! He he..yeah I had some pretty good hoochie moves. OMG I DID, didn't I? I hunted man-prey!

Ok Witchazel I'll play for a while and see how things go. He's actually VERY sweet and gentlemanly and quiet (until he's...ya know...NOT!)

cam said...

Way to go Frankie!
Good on you for going out and getting what you wanted (and for enjoying it too!!).

Nicole said...

Just love a good one night stand story. I can't believe you finally got BB guy!

And aint it grand to feel like a woman.... a desirable and seexxaay woman.

On ya.... I want some.

Kerry W said...

Yay Frankie - the drought has been broken! go girl! Sorry I missed your announcement. I've been being good and not on the computer on and off all day. See what I miss?

Damn! That's the great thing about dates...HOT SEX without all the complications. And the upside is all that exercise - what a great cardio workout hey? How many cardio sessions are you fitting in each week?

Frankie said...

Cam - he he...yeah it happened so quickly my head's still spinning. Just took the plunge and stuff happened!

Nicole..he he...Yeah, I'm a notorious first date bonker, I'll admit it. Hope to get more than one date this time though!

Frankie said...

Well well well, she finally turns up. hahaha...Kerry you knob. Yeah I read your blog and saw you weren't going to be on much and had a laugh and thought I'd just wait and see what happened when you came back and your head exploded with too much information! hahaha!

Exercise..OMG..things are starting to ache. I'm going to post an injury report tomorrow me thinks....

Flea said...

WOW Frankie! Your wildest dreams and it become true. You should write hot novels.

I agree with the girls, keep him on for a while, you never know he might just be the man. To early to judge.

Keep him while he last.
Good on ya, I wish I can see that smile.

Rachael P said...

Arrrgghhh you are a good writer Frankie, and I agree, try writing a novel I am sure it would be a hit.

So glad your on cloud 9. Nothing wrong with having a purely sexual relationship you know!!! Keeps you on your toes and satisfies the "needs".... LOL. A friend of mine has been having one of those for 15 months now without ties and she thinks its wonderful.

And yeah I agree with Kerry, your adding a few cardios to the regime, just watch the kgs fall off LOL..

Good on ya.

Frankie said...

Thanks Rach :) Yeah I do love the writing but probably wouldn't like it if I HAD to do it.

I had a "friends with benefits" thing for about 18 months after I split up with hubby. It was GREAT. Then he went to live in London :(