Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lazy Sunday Ramblings

Well I've had a very lazy Sunday morning so far. Tea in bed...tea and more tea (I like tea). My daughter is just dying to cook me a mushroom omelette but I'm not hungry at all and have to be at my mum's in a couple of hours for lunch. Bugger it..she's really keen so I'll just force it down, no maybe she can cook me an omelette for dinner.

It's been quite a nice, social weekend. BB Guy popped over late Friday night on his way home from drinks and dinner with a mate (no that's not code for 'skinny blonde'). He just asked if he could stop by on his way home to say hi. The kids were still up, hogging the lounge so we sat on the front porch for an hour and had a chat (me looking highly attractive in my pink dressing gown and purple ugg boot slippers). He's VERY sweet. I'm sure he's not married now. I think he's moved in with his folks after the break up and is too embarrassed to admit it. I'm seeing him again next weekend (kid free night) so I'll put my interrogation cap on then and get it out of him.

I must mention that he's been so polite, respectful...I can't think of any other words..he's just NICE. I'm liking the combination. After the hot night we had Saturday, there's not been one dirty text message or any sexual innuendo. It's just really refreshing...and....nice :o)

Enough about, anyway, a few friends came round last night. A couple of my fellow sci fi geeks from work invited themselves over to watch movies and test out my new stimulus/FBT/Rudd big screen TV. I ate pizza AND dessert and the scales haven't moved this morning so very happy about that...although my first goal looks a little too far to achieve right now. I'd have to lose 1.4kg by Tuesday...ummmm don't think so. But, will wait til Tuesday and depending on where I sit, will adjust the time frame a little to be more realistic. Still very happy with how it's going. Getting so close to the 70's!!!

Anyway, during the evening Ms L kept saying how different I was...all happy and bubbly and..happy. I had to keep stressing that it's NOT BB Guy that's doing it but the keto diet I'm on. It's given me such energy and such a feeling of well being (which is what it does). If I hadn't been on this diet there is no way in hell I would have met up with BB Guy in the first place. I was feeling miserable, tired and apathetic. It was awful. I put on a brave front but I was feeling CRAP up until a month ago. I feel like a different person now.

Ok....I need to summon a child for MORE TEA! Then drag myself over to mum's for lunch.

Hope all you mums are getting some attention today.


Flea said...

Happy Happy Mother's day Frankie.
I'm so glad BB guys is such a nice man! Keep him! :-))

Frankie said...

Thanks Flea! I might just do that :)