Saturday, May 2, 2009

Well now I've gone and done it

I put my photo on my profile and now he's going to know it's me and that I know it's him......and I know he knows I know and I now I know that I can never go to to Blockbuster again.
Lucky I'm a member of Bigpond Movies.....


Stephanie Davis said...

woohoo brave you. that is a nice pic, you have lovely green eyes :)

Miss Tank said...

oh F**k it Frankie - you are HOT, go into blockbuster and ooze that confidence (yeah if you not confident you can pretend - it gets you places!!)


I WANT UPDATES!!! woohooo

Shar said...

still cracking up Frankie!

I would be peeing my pants with excitment too!
Get into Blockbuster, you are so gorgeous, he will not care about a few kilos, like Kitty says.

Oh how exciting, are you still feeling 15!!??

shar x

Cheryl said...

Hi Miss F, I have been a reader for a while but I'm not much of a commenter, but this time I had to say something.. FATE!!
Go for it honey!

Frankie said...

thanks steph! I hope it looks like me though. Always hard to tell.

Fern..just POSTED an update..whoo hoooo!!!

Shar - yes...still 15. We chatted! read latest update!

Hey Cheryl. Nice to meet you :)
Yep..I just went for it! Stay tuned!

Flea said...

Oh NOW I know more after scrolling down more and reading more. Oh whoppie it's exciting! YOu go girl, just be yourself thats all. If it works it's meant to be, if not you gave it a go and were true to yourself.