Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busted majorly

WARNING - VOMIT ALERT - do not read if you get nauseated at my constant BB Guy dramas 'cos I'm getting slightly mental about it and it's only gonna get worse.
Man I SO got busted last night. About 6pm I get this text from Blockbuster Guy - "I can't believe you went to Civic!"
"...who me?" - desperately trying to figure out how he knew I'd gone to Civic for my Prison Break supply. Was he stalking ME now???
"Civic DVD in my case grrrrrr"....
Oh.... faaark.
So, I went to Civic on Tuesday as I'd watched the Prison Break DVDs and wanted another fix. I didn't want to go to Blockbuster as I still hadn't heard anything from him about the note so I was embarrassed and such. a few out from Civic.
Then, when I went to play a DVD yesterday afternoon I noticed a Prison Break DVD in the player. I'd forgotten I'd already watched one of the Civic ones and assumed it was from Blockbuster, thinking I must have returned an empty case.....I hadn't. I ran in and returned it to girl at counter not realising it was the wrong f*cking DVD store.
So...busted majorly. I explained that I had gone to Civic 'cos I didn't want to stress him out and he said that I didn't stress him out (hmm...that's good). Then he enquired as to whether I'd done it on purpose. Oh yeah...I was sending him a 'message' that I'm now having it off with the Civic Guy...hahaha...idiot.
We then texted back and forth for about 3 hours. Not looking forward to my mobile bill.
The End.


Vix said...

Lol that is hilarious Frankie!! haha
So....details on the texts????

Pizza Gal said...

The universe is telling you something. Hehehehe!

Shar said...

I love reading your antics with BB Guy, you are so funny in how you tell it.

Keep it coming!! :)

Shar x

Miss.Katie said...

lol! video store cheating hehehe

Frankie said...

Vicki, they were just random shit stirring texts. I was coerced in promising I'd never go to Civic again and he was coerced into saying I was smart, sexy, slightly mental and that he can't resist me.

I know's was hilarious! I love the way the universe works.

Yes Shar, will keep the updates coming LOL!

Miss Katie I KNOW. I felt like I was bad bad bad;o)

Pitchies said...

Ha ha ha, OMG that's hilarious! Do not stop with the BB Guy antics. Luv it!

Valley Girl said...

aaarrrhhhhhh He got his nose out! HA!
Now he'll annoy the shit out of you (Joke)

I look forward to see where this go, regardless have LOTS of fun!

Frankie said...

Hey Pitchies. Yeah..the guys at work got a laugh out of it too! Well there's only gonna be more stories if he contacts me 'cos I'm leaving it totally up to him.

Yes Valley Girl, trying to have fun :o). Although it's hard not to like him a little too much and that's always risky.

Flea said...

Did his staff dob you in? haha they probably know. I love it when he sms you what he thinks of you, that's great news!!