Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BB Guy Update

I've been putting off doing a BB Guy update for a while now as I just didn't know what the hell was going on.'s the gos'.
Basically he hasn't contacted me since the non-sleepover. He's replied to a couple of texts and that's it. I've consulted EVERYONE I know and bored them to death with all the details and, taking on board what everyone has said (including you lovely bloggies) and I did something. I wrote a note...well actually it was more like a letter. I know, I know....letters are daggy and pathetic but it wasn't that sort. It was just a nice note saying that it was obvious something was up and that if it was all his marriage break up stuff, I've been there and done that etc ..blah blah blah..all very kind and caring and understanding and that he knows where I am when and if he's ready.
I delivered it to him at Blockbuster on Monday morning. He looked a wreck. I started out by lingering around the Prison Break dvd's (my new addiction) and he was on his way over to talk to me but I'd already started making my way back to the counter and we got stuck awkwardly half way where we couldn't really talk without the chick at the counter getting an earful. We exchanged "how are you's" and apparently he's been 'busy'..(well who the fuck hasn't?). I just gave him the note and left.
I didn't hear a bloody thing from him ALL Monday but finally got an SMS last night at around 10.30pm (I thought he might need a few drinks to be able to actually communicate with me). He thanked me for the note and said that he was dealing with some stuff at the moment that he didn't want to drag anyone else into (a big fat poo cherry no doubt). We exchanged a couple of texts. He said that it wasn't what I thought and that he was having a really hard time at the moment so I told him that's fine and that I'm here if he needs someone to talk to.

So, that's it. It was actually a BIG thing for him to say all that, believe it or not. He's not one to mention stress or shit that is happening so for him to actually tell me as much as he did (even though so little) was a big step. Although it probably means we won't be seeing each other anymore but I feel better now knowing it wasn't anything I said or did (and he's taken his profile off the dating site so doesn't look like he's looking anymore). I'm trying hard not to go into "poor baby let me fix you" mode but I'm struggling not to.
I've got a whole free weekend this week for the first time in ages and it would be nice to spend it with some Man Flesh but I won't stalk him right now....poor baby (oops).


Valley Girl said...

hey frankie,
I was wondering how the BB thing was going?
Hard isn't it after being single for so long than you finally get some good man company & they have to have stuff going on or bagage to deal with. It's just nice to have adult man company so I feel for you honey.
Take yourself shopping & off to a good girly movie, do stuff for you!
Let him deal with what it is & you never know he may get lonely too *wink*
Thanks for dropping by my blog, I'm relieved it was a techo problem & NOT that I had no blodder friends.
Take care

Kerry W said...

He..he...I was thinking exactly the same thing as Valley Girl...why not catch a good girly (or sci-fi) movie! or what about that 'Twilight' movie. Isn't it on at the cinemas? (excuse my ignorance).

Either way...enjoy your weekend Frankie and just get some ME time! Mmmmm...what I would be doing with no kids...(and my husband wasn't home... ;o)..he..he)...curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate watching a

Frankie said...

Hi Valley Girl! yeah...I had a shitload of baggage when I first split up and it's taken a few years but I've gotten rid of all of it, so I don't need anyone elses.

I will indeed have a nice girly weekend. Got quite a few little jobs around the house to do. And yes, you do have friends, we just couldn't comment! I think I read the other day that Magda tried to comment on your blog too but couldn't. Glad you got it sorted :o)

Kerry, I've got movies planned already! I'm going to see Star Trek (again) on Friday with a couple of friends and might try and catch Angels and Demons (with Tom Hanks) on Saturday. The rest of the time it will be me, toasty warm in front of the tv watching Prison Break (he he..mennnnn).

Frankie said...

Oh...I mean Tom Hanks is starring in the movie..I'm not actually going with Tom case you were wondering :oD

Pizza Gal said...

hey miss frankie...
once again proud of you for finding out whats going on.
I still think he likes you but he's not ready for leaving the past in the past and moving forward and dealing with future stuff if you know what i mean.

Oh well, like I said, you know you're hot shit now :)

Take it easy. Em xo

Frankie said...

Thanks Em :o)

Yeah...I think he does still like me. We had a dvd mix up tonight and had a few funny texts back and forth. I'll post about it tomorrow. It's just hard when I know he's just round the corner and I might run into him at any time. And, I've had a crush on him for 6 years so it's pretty hard for me to just switch off!

Flea said...

OH phoo, I know it's hard but suppose giving him the space he needs is ok and to let him know you're there. I like the letter idea and the sms's sounds great too. Just if anything be his friend, never know what will come from it again later on.
Maybe he's just so decent he dont' wanna drag you into his problems or if he can't give all 100% he'd rather wait until he can?
Gosh, I keep coming up for this man.

Frankie said...

He he...yeah Flea, I was happy to sit back and wait but now he's texting me about DVD's LOL! obviously can't resist me ;o)