Sunday, July 12, 2009

Loving my weekend

What a lazy Sunday morning I'm having. It's my kid free weekend and I'm loving it.

Last night a couple of my fellow nerds, Lara Croft and Mowgli, came over for a Zombie night (no we didn't dress up!).

We had a yummy dinner (spinach and ricotta cannelloni followed by chocolate self saucing pudding with cream AND ice-cream) and watched a couple of zombie flicks : Dead Snow (a Norwegian film about Nazi Zombies - was a big hit at Sundance Film Festival), and Black Sheep (a NZ film killer sheep).

Both movies were frikkin' hilarious. Then we sat around and discussed what other nerd-like events we could organise...with paintball or outdoor laser combat looking quite probable.

Today I am going to the movies with another friend..hmm...let's call her Samantha, to see Bruno. Looking forward to that as well...see? I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to stuff!


Caz said...

Sounds like your having a great one.
I hope it gets even better

Pizza Gal said...

heheh you funny as!
I want in on the nerdy events!

Vix said...

OMG I can't believe someone else has watched Black Sheep!! Fuck me if it isn't the most "special" movie on the actually I think it's up there with Bad Boy Bubby in terms of wrongness?

Kerry W said...

he..he..he...good stuff. Now isn't it more fun to just get out there and live your life? Love reading about your 'nerdy' encounters.

Frankie said...

Hey Caragh. Yeah..Bruno was a scream..I was laughing so much I cried for most of the second half.

Em, I never realised how much fun nerdiness could be! I love being this age 'cos you're totally over trying to not be excited over stuff. If it's nerdy to have fun then so be it!

Vix hahahaha...OMG we had such fun on youtube picking which movie we were gonna watch. And yeah...VERY wrong LMAO!

Kerry it IS fun. All those youngin's who are too cool to get excited about stuff just don't know what they're missing!

judestone said...

DUDE! What a great weekend.

It's almost as good as a holiday really, without all the travelling and fucking around!

Frankie said...

It was like a holiday Jude. I did bugger all else except socialise and rest. Perfect weekend!