Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bachelor Number 3

.....and next up we have Bachelor No. 3.
He's 37 years old and is a Multimedia/graphic artisty type person who enjoys spending time with his kids aged 7 and 14.
He enjoys the gym, recently lost 24kg and is currently training for the next City to Surf Fun Run.
Bachelor No. 3 is somewhat geeky and SO totally opposite to the type of bachelor Frankie usually goes for, which is probably good thing, considering how well her previous forays into the dating game have ended.
This bachelor also has the ability to use and understand words containing more than two syllables which Frankie finds a refreshing change from the recent Man flesh she has encountered.
Bachelor No. 3 would like to meet Frankie for coffee on Tuesday morning and she has accepted his offer.
What? You actually believed me when I said I had better things to do than think about men? I always think about men.


Kerry W said...

he..he...true to form Frankie. Enjoy your coffee - though a nice balance between intelligent conversation and some hot sex would probably go well for you right now. ;-)

cam said...

Fingers crossed he's a good one! Have fun.

Em said...

hehehe! can't really hurt to have a good coffee and some great conversation.
Be good now!!

KatieP said...

I love reading about your interesting love life. To us old married types it is living vicariously (how is that for a few syllables) through you!

Caz said...

Totally great that you are putting yourself out there!

Erika said...

Good One!

Lisa Jane said...

I'm posting my Ed Hardy top on my blog for you tonight lovely. And I'm going to do the 100 day challenge! Woohoo!

Frankie said...

Yeah Kerry, you can't keep a hornbag down! We've chatted on the phone. Seems nice enough.

Thanks Cam. I think he's a good one, just not sure if he's MY good one!

Em, aren't I always good???

Katie! Well I've had NO lovelife at all for last 4 years so making up for it now!

Thanks Caragh. Yep, if I don't put myself out there I'm just gonna sit here and accumulate more cats...

Esme..hehe..thanks, I think so!

LJ..ooh lovely, I'll have a look. Great that you're doing the challenge!!