Friday, October 24, 2008

War Paint

I've been dying to get another tattoo. I have a small one at the base of my spine (see my before and after photos) and it's kind of addictive as I have been wanting another one ever since.
The first one was I guess, a "divorce" tattoo. I wanted to do something to signify how I felt at the time (even though I got the tattoo 2 years after I split with my husband). It's the Chinese symbol for 'hope'. I thought about it for a long while and at that time it meant a lot to me (and still does). Frankly, I got sick of people saying "don't get your hopes up". "Don't get your hopes up" about a job...."Don't get your hopes up" about a guy.... why do people say that all the time?? As far as I'm concerned, if you can't 'get your hopes up' then there's just not much point in living! So, that's the tattoo I decided on.

Now I am thinking about my next one. I've known since I got the last one, which one I will get next but it was just deciding on when and where. I wanted to do it as a kind of ritual I guess. A reward, something earned. The tattoo is the Chinese symbol for 'strength'. It's beautiful and I'm definitely getting it but I feel like I need to earn it. So, when I've worked my butt off physically and mentally, I will get it done. Strength to me is emotional, spiritual and physical so I just need to wait for the right time and hopefully that will be soon...maybe after this next 12 weeks. I still don't know where I am getting it - whereabouts on my body that is. I'll decide over the next few weeks...I think it will be my reward. So, I'm open to suggestions!!
Here's the art. It's only small, about 1.5 inch max.

In the meantime I'm going to go get my nose pierced which I have been dying to get done for years. Just need to find out how much it costs and try to put some money aside as at the moment it's all going on layby payments for kids Christmas presents.
That's it for tonight.


Rachael P said...

Good stuff Frankie,

Tats are great, I love em. Specially when they have "theme". Mine is soooo big but I do want another 4 or so. I reckon you need to be able to see the symbol though. You want it to be where your eyes can physically see it that way everytime you look at it you affirm what it means. Maybe the back your wrist, then you could get something on the otherside to match. I think these tats need to be seen so you have to tell the story everytime someone sees it.


Frankie said...

I agree. Even though that one is on my back, it's actually seen as people always ask me what it means!! Must be cos I wear hipsters and bend over a lot.

Hmmm....decisions decisions...

Nads said...

Hi Frankie - great blog!!

I'm a fellow IBO'er & started my 12 wks the wk after you 28/7 girls - you've all done so well!!
I too got a tattoo after my divorce - the Eye of Horace.
I think on the underside of your wrist is a great idea.
I'm getting CARPE DIEM tattooed on the underside of mine as soon as I decide on the style of writing I want...I like the idea of a constant reminder....
I'm starting my 2nd 12 wks straight away on Mon - and hoping for a lot less bumpier ride this time around!!
Again - great blog - cheers, Nadine

Frankie said...

Thanks Nadine. I'm looking forward to this next 12 weeks. Will no doubt see you on the board. Getting over a "biggie" last night and will use today to sit and think about starting tomorrow!

Here we go again....