Friday, September 24, 2010

The usual fuck around....

So, it's Friday.
I have 3 kid free nights and NO FUCKING DATE!
The story thus far....
Mr Canuck called me Tuesday night. We chatted for about half an hour. T'was nice. Very nice accent I must say. He was called away by his daughter after a bit so wound up by asking if he could call me tomorrow (Wednesday) to organise coffee.
Wednesday came and went and no call. I did note however that he was online most of the day on the dating site. This shits me. I tried to kid myself that he was online waiting to chat to me, but I knew he was not. Bugger it. He's one of those guys who sits on there all day at work. I don't like it at all.
I'm perfectly happy to accept him chatting to several girls at once, as that's what I attempted (unsuccessfully) to do. But to just be logged in all day? Nup.
Anyway, by yesterday morning I was really pissed off and I usually do after a whole week on line, to kill my profile and disappear..which I did. Now this wasn't just because he didn't's my usual modus operandi you see...I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to most internet dating scenarios.
I received quite a lengthy text from him later that morning, apologising for not calling (family crisis) and that he would like to call me later in the day if I was 'still keen'. I advised him that I was and that I looked forward to hearing from him.
*insert sound of chirping cricket here*
So......still haven't heard a bloody thing. I was a little worried as the family crisis (and I was given specifics) had potential to get significantly worse, and decided not to jump to conclusions but checked this morning and he's ready, online, on the dating site.
Jeeez....why do men keep disappointing me?
He does not deserve my lusciousness. None of them do.


Em said...

what a tool
still i know guys who sit online as in they appear to be there online but really they're not its just the net being connected.
dunno, though, how hard is it to communicate, god damn! its not rocket science!
ps i'd date ya! ;P

Frankie said...

yeah, when I actually clicked on his profile it showed he was 'away' actually. But, he said he'd call. A text isn't hard to manage. Not writing him off totally yet.

Flea said...

I hope he was just busy busy or stressed or worried and I hope he hopes you'll understand? Give him a break or chance to explain, a week is sometimes short! Fingers crossed!!!!!

Frankie said...

ok Flea...I'll give him a chance...just for you LOL

Bambam said...

I liked the crickets imagery hahahah... something you'll have to accept is that Canadians are like Kiwis... some great people but ALL weird!!

I think it's something to do with being the second biggest/best English-speaking country in the general vicinity, but not sure on that yet.

And before any of you point out that Canada is larger in area than the USA, I meant in population and significance.

And I have to disagree with Flea. A guy who is keen calls when he says he will.... or earlier.

Mind you, guys like me who do what they say they'll do seem to be getting rarer.... who knows.

Good luck ;-)

Frankie said...

Yeah I know.....ex hubby told me just this morning and my mate Spiffo has been telling me for AGES that if a guy likes you he will make every effort to call or ask you out or whatever. I don't know why I keep making excuses for them.

BTW, Alasdair will be on here shortly defending all things Canuck! *Hi Alasdair!*

Kitty said...

look i'm going to start with a deft: 'all men are cunts' and move swiftly to a loud and shouty: 'you deserve better!!!'

now, with that out of the way, i will leave you with this: MEN WHO TEXT CHICKS LIKE YOU DESCRIBE ARE SOFT COCKS.

he'll be a hopeless root, and undoubtedly lie to you whenever it suits him.

texting is for chicks who want to discuss X factor whilst they watch it.

the end.


Frankie said...

fuck these nails are bad for typos......

Frankie said...

You know what Kitty? I think you're right! Now that I re-read his profile..he's a bit too 'spiritual' and 'new agey' for my liking. I don't want a spiritual experience in bed. I want a throw down, trip over, rip your clothes of type experience. NEXT!