Monday, July 18, 2011

The Return of RollerGirl?

So I'm a skater from way back....or should I say WAS a skater.  Actually I was only a skater for about 3 years, 1979 to 1981, but they were memorable years.  Now, 30 years on I am attempting a comeback!

Seriously,  I am totally obsessed with thoughts of skating again, to the point where I am dreaming about it.

It all started a few weeks ago when I went to the Rollerdrome with Ethan and Nerd Guy.  Nerd Guy can skate.  He's good.  He was a speed skater.  Number 1 son had a ball (see vid in previous post).  I did not skate.  I sat in the corner and watched, took photos, stuffed around on my iphone and surveyed the area for bogan threats... (assessment - Bogan Defcon - 4).  But, I was quietly SPEWING.  I wanted to be out there, but couldn't, due to dodginess of my lower back/sacrum from early this year.  Serves me right for not doing my rehab.  Not so much the skating part I was worried about, but the falling down part.

And then the dreams started...

See, the thing is - I thought I could still skate.  I thought I was just gonna get up there, take off and whiz around with the wind in my hair and Lady Gaga in my ears, leaving all and sundry in my dust.  It never occurred to me that actual skating would be the problem.

I started dreaming about skating, about about three times I think.  And these were positive dreams, so it appears that even my subconscious had no idea how fucking unco' I'd become.

Ya see usually if you are worried about something you have one of those 'disaster dreams'.  You know the ones.  You have an exam the next day - you dream that your alarm doesn't go off and you miss it.  You have a date  the next day - you dream you sprout a massive zit on the end of your nose...  

But, in my skating dreams I was totally fucking awesome.  I'd whack on my skates and I was off...rolling like the wind.  Nerd Guy featured in a couple of the dreams but in the last dream, during the couples skating song, a guest star made an appearance.  It was Eric Dane ... McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy.  SERIOUSLY.    Oh we had such fun, skating around hand in hand.  He'd occasionally flip around and skate backwards, gazing longingly into my eyes... but I digress...

So...yeah, really thinking I can skate at this stage.  I just assumed it would be like riding a bike...a skill that would just kick in when needed.  

I was wrong.

The other day (first day without rain for ages) I put my original skates on (apart from a change in wheels back in the 80's) and stepped out onto the front paving.  

One step, chucked the splits, splat.

That's how far I got.  That photo up top....not staged.  I refused to get up until Ethan came out and took a photo of me (even in pain I was thinking of Facbook/Blog value).  He had to help me up. I couldn't even stand up without losing it. He then DEMANDED I take my skates off.  There was a genuine look of fear in his eyes.  Not wanting to traumatise my baby boy, I obliged.

The next day at work I madly googled "skating lessons".  My plan - to undertake secret, intense training and surprise Nerd Guy.  I don't merely want to not fall down, I want to skate backwards, do clever shit.  I wanna be good!  It's also great, low impact cardio (again, if you do NOT fall down).

So that's the plan.  Of course I'm crap at keeping secrets and divulged  said cunning plan immediately to His Nerdness, who then offered to teach me himself.  While a lovely, romantic gesture (visions of Robby Benson teaching that blind chick to skate in the movie 'Ice Castles' here if you are too young to remember), there is no way I am looking like an absolute frikkin' r'tard in front of Nerd Guy and his friends.

No way.

I'm not.

I mean it.

Eric understands...


Erika said...

Robby Benson & Ice Castles... that takes me right back! Good luck with it girl!!!!! I won't even let myself ride a pushbike I'm so unco.

RaeC said...

and then you can go do roller derby!! How about "Fearless Frankie"... no... we have to come up with a better roller derby girl name than that... YAY!! Of course, do go get those lessons first before I have you out there going all roller derby on those other girls asses... LOL!!

xl said...

Restart in a more controlled environment, like a rink. Surely it will all come back! And good luck!

Frankie said...

I'm such a big chicken now Erika! But I'm determined! Oh yeah, Ice Castles was on TV not long ago...made Alex sit down with me and watch it.....*sniff*

Rae - hahaha I would LOVE to go to a roller derby...not too sure about competing but would be hilarious!

xl - yep, that's what Nerd Guy said, try again at a rink and have my skates serviced first! Thanks, I am gonna post a vid when I can get from A to B without falling down!

emma said...

hehe very cool post. i have skating dreams too but i can't skate in real life or ride a bike. i'm not sure why but i seem to have been born without basic co-ordination LOL

can't wait to see the video :)

oo i don't know why but my word verification made me smile. it's Lemons. that's the first time i've ever had an actual word.

glad you are happy frankie x

Raechelle said...

Awesome! Although, I'm thinking Xanadu...hehehe and yeah-totally roller derby next; it's quite huge in the states-John's daughter is totally into it.
Can't wait for the vid!

Frankie said...

emma - I'm not too crash hot on a bike either! Thanks babe x

Raechelle - OMG one of my favourite baaaaad it's good! Nerd Guy laughed when I mentioned roller yeah...maybe in another lifetime! x

Em said...

Love it and make me laugh in a good way. Keep it up gorgeous lady :) good times. x Em

Lad Litter said...

Stong parallels with my return to cricket at age 45. I thought I'd just pick up where I left off but the funny old game had other ideas. It was three seasons before I got any sort of mojo back. During that time I rationalized it thus: I haven't made any runs, can't buy a wicket, and we're getting our pants pulled down. But it's a sunny day, there's a gentle breeze blowing, and I feel alive. You have to start somewhere

Frankie said...

em - thanks :o) smiling a lot at the moment!

Lad - yeah...there seems to be a point where the body goes NUP! gonna make you work hard for it! Yep, practice practice practice! But yes, it's a great fun thing to do with NG and the kids :o)

Iris Flavia said...

Some years ago I bought skates in 80s-style. Once I wore them outside with a friend.
Guess it was pretty embarassing. I didn´t fall, but nearly fell about 30 times.
I realized: I´m getting old!
I´m afraid to fall!

They´re only deco now - but good luck with your training! :-)

Memphis Steve said...

Well, if nothing else you look hot in your skates. That should count for something.

Frankie said...

Iris - at this rate, mine are gonna end up as ornamental too!

Steve - yeah..white boots are very sexy and sooo 80's. Unfortunately I don't look sexy while in motion!