Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well I did it....

.....after wanting to for ages I finally got my nose pierced and I love it! (and yes it hurt). I got a little .25ct diamond and white gold stud. Only had it done yesterday so still red and won't be healed properly for another 4 weeks so need to be really careful as if it comes out accidentally ie towels, clothing, you've only got about five minutes to get it back in as the cartilage on your nose loves to close up very quickly.

My daughter loves it but my son hates it and, apparently hates me now because "my friends will see it and think you're weird". He's still sulking but I'm sure he'll get over it eventually.


Shar said...

Nice Frankie!!
I had mine done but took it out a couple of years later and Yes, it closes up super quick so watch out.

Shar x

Pip said...

It looks GOOD Frankie! I always wanted my inner ear cartilage bit done and got a stud in it last year, LUVED it! Cared for it heaps! Then one morning it wasn't there, maybe got pulled out in my sleep or grew out. It wasn't sore but couldn't find jewel anywhere or couldn't poke anything through it! Bummer, am thinking on whether to try again, just $100 and Mum hated it!

Merry Xmas!

Frankie said...

thanks guys. Well my mum didn't like it too much but she didn't carry on as much as when I got my tattoo!



Rachael P said...

Very nice Frankie,

Looks great. Hope you got one that bends downwards, if not get one ASAP. YOu only need to sneeze and they can pop out. Had mine done and went to rub my nose and it fell out and 5 minutes later it healed up. ;-( oh well, I blow my nose too much anyway.