Sunday, December 28, 2008


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I just got out of bed (9am) and am exhausted. This was quite a big Christmas for me in regards to visiting and visitors and running around so I've just crashed. My Fibromyalgia is playing up as I've not had enough sleep. My muscles are aching and I'm all scrunched up from all the driving and sitting in uncomfortable seats at other people's houses for hours. But still enjoyed seeing all the family and having a laugh.
I felt very spoilt this Christmas. Got some lovely presents. My kids gave me some gorgeous mineral eyeshadows from Barekiss Mineral Cosmetics (the colours I got are below). I also got a great denim jacket and some Belgian truffles. Mum got me a floppy sun hat, a lovely summer bag and a white gold and blue topaz necklace...and more chocolates.

We spent a noisy Christmas Day at my uncle's house with most of the family, got home around 5pm and visited some friends. Kids ran amok in the pool while adults had some champagne.

Boxing Day at my mum's and then my aunt's (more food) and home to try and clean before a friend popping over Saturday morning, then movies with friends and kids to see The Day the Earth Stood Still...THEN Supre so my daughter could spend some Christmas money on a little black dress, and finally enjoying an evening of red wine and pizza with a friend and her son.

I'm so tired and I've got a belly like someone who is six month's pregnant!

My babies are leaving 4am tomorrow morning for two weeks in Coffs Harbour with their dad (his family is over east). Need to pack and organise today and do more cleaning as the place is just a wreck. Then, 2 weeks on my own. Going to miss them soooo much as have not been away from them for more than a weekend over the last 5 years. They are both starting to fret a little, although I'm sure they will love seeing all their cousins and their other Nanna.

Well I'm going to finish this cuppa and head off down to get the paper. Need to do a big list today as I'm sure I'll forget something. Also need to pop down to shops and get some cottage cheese and other yummy stuff for the week. Making sure kids and ex husband take all the left over chocolates and nuts with them. Feeling so crappy, just want to feel bright and clear again. Will weigh in tomorrow after trying to get rid of some of this bloat today.



Pip said...

Here's to us Frankie, - um weigh in tomorrow for me too, - urgh!

This is it, - start of our New Years and Resolutions!

We will be in fine form!

I've talked to my sis, decisions have been made - think I will arrive to Christchurch on 26 June 09, - (her b-day is on 28 June) for bridesmaid dress fittings so I'm aiming to be 62kg by then, (definitely under 68 but!) Then must maintain it till her wedding on 14 Nov!

Kerry W said...


How do you fit it all in girl? Sounds like you need a rest (from the food too..ha..ha). hubby has to consume all the chocolate and left over cheese. He said he's going to be a porker come the end of this holidays (I thought...better you than me!).

Try to enjoy your break while your kids away, though no doubt you will miss them terribly.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)