Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Speaking of boobies...

...I had a mammogram and breast ultrasound today.
I have lumpy boobs to start with and they are very firm and dense so it's really difficult to 'feel' for unusual lumps......to tell what is 'normal' lumpiness or not.
The doctor sent me off for an ultrasound 3 years ago for this very reason, and they found what they suspected to be a fibroadenoma in my right breast. I had a biopsy done, it was confirmed to be benign and I went on my merry way.
I saw the doctor again last week about my lumpiness and she thought it would be a good idea to get tested again, this time having a mammogram as well.
So, had that done today and they found another bloody fibroadenoma, this one in the left breast. They also had a look at the original one to make sure it hadn't changed or grown at all, which it hadn't. Actually the new one is only 'probable' also, I have to have another biopsy to confirm it (groan).
Now I know it's quite boring and depressing waffling on here about breast lumps but the reason I am posting about it is because neither my doctor or I could feel these lumps. We felt other lumps, all of which turned out to be normal tissue, but not these lumps.
Even though we knew exactly where these 7mm and 9mm masses were, we both still could NOT feel them, and that's the scary thing. Yes, mine is probably benign, but it could have been more serious and I wouldn't have felt it, even though I do check my breasts.
So, don't wait until you're 50 for your free mammogram, especially if you're breasts are particularly firm (and luscious) like mine. Go and get one earlier. Just to be safe. OK? xxx


Trudi said...

Glad you went to get checked out Frankie! There is a history of melignant lumps in our family so I got tested early.
So glad you got into a run the other day!! How fab girl. Keep up the great work Trudsxx

Caz said...

I check my large boobies every week or so.
My mum passed away of breast cancer so I have to be extra cautious and start having tests when before I turn thirty.

Sending you good vibes

Kerry W said...

Nothing to report here...flat as a tac. The only lumps are the saggy bits of skin that used to be 'perky' (never luscious).

Erika said...

Hear hear!

Nicole said...

I used to have luscious boobs *sigh*. Big, perky, admired by many. *sigh*. i don't think I need to worry about lumps hiding anymore. Stretch marks, paper thin skin, much like deflated balloons. *SIGH* *cry*..... Oh well, I'm saving up for the boob job and tummy tuck...

Frankie said...

Yep Truds, can't be mucking around when it comes to breast cancer.
And yes..he he I RAN!

Caragh. Oh hun, I was reading about your family in your sidebar. It's realy tragic :o( I'll be fine. I'm quite confident it's the same as before.

I've told you once and I'll tell you again Kerry..when I'm back to a size 10 top...I'll have just a couple of socks with apples in them (small apples) where my norks used to be!

Esme..yes yes!

Yeah Rach it really sucks that it costs so much. Some places do bulk bill though so you could ring around and find somewhere that does. I went private but will go public for the biopsy as it's not urgent. I am just going on the waiting list at the hospital and it will be free.

Yeah Nicole, really not looking forward to what they will be like when I lose the weight :o( I'll just roll them up and put them in a push up bra I guess. So sad no-one (of the male variety) gets to enjoy them at the moment.

Sandra said...

Hope it turns out to be nothing Frankie. Thanks for the reminder, can't be too laid back about it all...speaking of which, PAP Smear due Girls?

Frankie said...

Thanks Sandra. I'm pretty confident it's just the same thing as before (and so is the doctor).

judestone said...

Yano, I've always taken a head in the sand approach to all of that, but I think I really should change that.

Thanks so much for posting this - sometimes I need reminding!

Yay for luscious! (.)(.)!!!

Frankie said...

I've been a bit like that too Jude but so much can be done if caught early and what's more scary, finding a lump or dying?

Anyway, now I know it's all clear (apart from the fibrous lumps) I've had a really good feel so I know what's normal feeling lumps, that way I can more easily recognise abnormal ones. It IS much less scary feeling them when you know there's nothing there though.