Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More betterish.....

Note to self -
Do NOT attempt to cut meds AND cut carbs at the same time...well at least not on the same day.
I got more foils though and they cheered me up no end!
I've cut my meds by 25%. I'll do this for a week to 10 days then cut down again by another 25%. These meds are short lived in the system so the side effects of discontinuation are pretty immediate.
Thought I was losing it this morning but turned out it was nothing 5 shortbread biscuits couldn't fix and realised the lightheadedness, wobblies and sleepiness were due to lack of carbs rather than lack of meds. Actually ONE shortbread biscuit would have done it but as Spiffo noted I was "doing a good impression of the Cookie Monster" at the time.
Seriously....feeling quite ok. It's amazing how not worrying about being stressed eliminates even more stress. I know I might get a temporary increase in symptoms while coming off the meds but there's nothing pressing I need to do or get done, so I'm not stressing as to how it will affect me...it's win win.
Spent this evening cleaning up at the old place. Will do a final vacuum and mop tomorrow and hand keys back on Thursday. Then can really enjoy unpacking and setting up the new place.
Had my final lecture yesterday - maths. Got my assignment back..just scraped through for an HD so no pressure going into the exam which is a relief.
I'm really looking forward to enjoying STUFF now. Whether or not I can do it drug free or on another drug better suited to me...I'll be doing it.
Thanks to all the gorgeous folk who commented and/or emailed/facebooked. It was VERY MUCH appreciated.


Lia Halsall said...

Loving the new foils! We actually have very similar hair in colour and curls. I'm also heading for foils soon to lighten up for spring and summer.

You're doing great with the meds, just keep at it little by little Frankie. :o) xxx

Kerry W said...

Looking great Frankie! Foils are definitely YOU. :)

Nice to hear some of the stress has been eliminated. All the best in your new place, new start, new life hey?

I still think 2010 is going to be your year! ;)

Raechelle said...

Hair is fabulous hon!
So happy you are in a good head space again! If it's meds that help then meds it shall be!

Friday said...

Oooh lighter suits you!! Very purty.

I laughed out loud at the cookie monster thing.
Congrats on another HD.
You're doing great Chic!!

Happy new house.


Sandra said...

Looking great Frankie, glad the stress is leaving the building

Vix said...

Well HELLO hottie! The hair looks great. Glad to hear things are starting to ease up for you. I'm with Kerry - 2010 baby, BRING IT ON!!
PS: shortbread fixes everything...

Frankie said...

Thanks Lia! I love them too..very summery. NEVER had them before so it's all new to me.

Kerry I am SO looking forward to next year. I can't wait..

Yes Raechelle, happy to be getting off them but quite happy if need new ones to stay functional.

He he...cooookieeee! Thanks Friday :o)

Yep Sandra. Just need to get this minor "finish cleaning the old house up" stress and I'm on easy street!

Shortbread (esp at christmas) is TOTALLY my weakness Vicki. Yep 2010 is gonna be BIG (and hopefully I will be SMALLER.

Erika said...

I like the lighter colour!

Frankie said...

Thanks! :o)

Flea said...

You're gorgeous!! keep up the good work and hang in there, it will all sort it out soon enough. You have my number, dail it when you need to ok!!

Frankie said...

Thanks Hannelie :o)