Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our House

Did I mentioned that I absolutely ADORE our new house?
Yeah it's a rental...yeah it's not perfect. But, it's lifted my mood like nothing else has lately and been quite instrumental in my decision to change EVERYTHING. I just spent half an hour pruning 10 Bird of Paradise plants out on the front. No, we haven't got daylight savings...don't need it as because we are on a main road (only really busy in rush hour) we have huge orange streetlights right outside our house ALL night. It's kinda comforting and I feel quite secure with them on. The house has one less room than the other place, ie no big utility room out the back for the kids PC, xbox, ironing board...blah blah, but the rest of the house is so big and spacious (even the entrance hall and passageways) that we can fit more stuff in the rooms. I really do feel happy here. It's only a couple of hundred metres down the road from major shopping complex/cinema. Only 300m walk to primary school and 100m to the high school. It's on a hill so the yard is split level with stairs and awesome old fashioned plants like wisteria, hibiscus, money plants (squashed pea plants) roses, an umbrella tree and camellias but there's no lawn to look after (yays!) It also has front and back verandahs that are just begging for someone to be sitting and having a cuppa in the morning or a wine in the evening. Perfect for summer! So, yes. Happy. Calm too. Had a bit of an incident tonight when I usually would have lost the plot but I handled it well. And as well as coming off the meds I'm also PMS'ing..and I still didn't snap. Hmmmm...interesting.


Flea said...

I agree, it's a great house, I liked it also immediately. Did you leave the fridge where we put it by the end?
should catch up again!

Vix said...

YAY!! Things are sounding more and more betterer every day :) Sounds like the perfect place Miss Frankie :)
And YAY for the re-emergence of MANFLESH!!! xx

Nicole said...

Yay Frankie !!! You sound soooo much calmer, and happier.... Told ya. ;)

Nicole said...

Yay Frankie !!! You sound soooo much calmer, and happier.... Told ya. ;)

Sandra said...

Good to hear you sounding so well Frankie.

Em said...

AWESOME! So happy for you and your kids. I love how you can walk to school and shops! So things do happen for a reason :)
high five to the upbeat vibes big hugs n stuff. XO

Magda said...

Hay Frankie,

we sound like we're in similar situations. I love our rental too. My location is excellent and the lifestyle is just great.

:-) Magda

Kerry W said...

Great stuff Frankie! Sounds so idyllic, your new pad. It's amazing what difference a lifestyle change can make to one's outlook. Glad you're happy again! :) Hmmm...wisteria...have one of those myself, though it hasn't flowered yet. You're gonna have to send pics...are they flowering?

Frankie said...

Hey Flea. Yes LOL did leave the fridge where we originally put it! Yeah we should catch up. Got your invite but don't know if I can make that one but if not we will organise something else :o)

Thanks Vicki. It is perfect. And yep..Frankie needs manflesh to be Frankie.

Nicole..yep. I can't believe how much calmer I am now...and that's even on reduced meds. It's all good!

Thanks Sandra xxx

Hey Em. Yeah..makes it so much easier being close to the schools. Feeling very upbeat right now fer sure.

LOL Yes Magda I've been reading your adventures trying to find a place. So glad you got somewhere great too!

The wisteria is gorgeous Kerry. It was having a flush when we moved in but it's finished now and I don't think we'll get another one by the looks of it. will look forward to next Spring.