Monday, November 2, 2009


“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.” Richard Bach
C'mon...seriously. Has anyone every actually done this? Ya know.....set someone free and had them actually come back??
I think it's probably a load of crap but I'm currently in the process of finding out. I've set someone free. Well ok..I've set him free a couple of times and yeah ok he's kinda come back. But I've really really set him free this time...really.
And no I'm not gonna talk about it 'cos it's stressful and it's one of those things that's been contributing to my anxiety and I need a yes or no on it and to move on.
Got a feeling it's gonna be a no....which is kinda disappointing but I'd rather it be 'no' than be kept wondering. I've been wondering for 4 months.
No, it's not The Idiot Formerly Known as Blockbuster Guy...who is now The Jim's Mowing Guy...but that's another story...


Em said...

Well I don't think theres anything cut and dry anymore!
I set myself free from a terrible emotionally draining relationship that was affecting my health in a bad way. I didn't go back....hehehe.
Honestly, Frankie if it was not helping you in the health department and with your anxiety then I don't think the relationship was meant to be right here right now anyway.
As soon as I left the ex my heart health was instantly improved, I know this because after that Anthony (current beau) took me to the heart specialist and they said everything was fine and to come back for a check up in 18 months....
I guess my point is you need to clear your body and mind of stress, such as what you are doing, breathe, relax and enjoy life. Sometimes when we aren't well emotionally and physically we attract the wrong kinds of influences. XX

Caz said...

Ususally I let people go, and they come back.. but not for my benefit.. its for there own.
They feed off the attention and affection that I give them..
Then they use me up, and spit me out.

I've currently just ditched someone who is emotionally very very bad for me.
In a few days, he'll leave me a message saying how much he misses me... and please call him..
And normally i'd be a fool and call him and forgive him.. for whatever kinda crap I was told...

And then a few months later rinse and repeat.

I don't need that shit.
Oh I want to thank you frankie, You've inspired me to go on a weight loss journey like yourself and its working well.

Yeah nope, I don't think someone who is constantly in and out of your life can be good for you long term.
You deserve better than that

Miss Tank said...

OK - this kinda happened to me many moons ago, I was madly in love with someone who I thought was my soul mate, we were on and off for a VERY long time, it did both of us NO FAVOURS....So all in all from MY experience, if something not working - i don't waste any energy on something that is not right. Maybe that is why i'd been single for a while prior to meeting this spunk of mine. As bad as this sounds, I started thinking a bit more like a man......hahaha anyways - my point being, relationships can be hard work, but they are NOT supposed to zap the shit outta ya ;) not sure that has helped, but I think you are fricken gorgeous, you will be swept off ya feet one day and know when it's right......listen to your heart x

Rachael P said...

I agree with Miss Tank Frankie, no point putting all that energy in worrying. You will be swept off your feet when you least expect it. You are a beautiful women and sometimes just focussing on something else such as your goal, may assist in channelling the anxitey and ease it off a bit. Try some yoga to get your mind free, you have heaps of tapes or dvds on that dont you?? Need some R&R just for you!!! *hugs* xoxo

Spiffo said...

Sweetie, c'mon now - I shall slap you. I'll let you into a little secret, if a bloke likes you nothing, but nothing will keep him from you (unless he is a total defective unit - which let's face it most blokes are).

Now come with me to Beth's 40th birthday party, 12 December at Maylands Bowling Club. I'm not taking no for an answer - you'll meet some real people not cybernuts.


Frankie said...

Hey Em..yeah stress can cause such awful physical symptoms. It was amazing the 'health problems' I had when I was married and how most of them disappeared when I got divorced!

Thanks Caragh...yeah I gotta get out but he just always says exactly the right thing to give me a bit of hope things will be different..and it never happens. Hey, good luck with the weight loss! xxxx

Hey Fern. Seriously, I feel SO much better now that I've offloaded him. Not sure how he's going to react yet but just DOING it has taken a load off. I'd love to be swept off my feet.. *sigh*

Thanks Rach..yeah I'm actually getting calmer by the day as things change and I get rid of stressful shit. I DO have lots of yoga dvd's and aim to start again shortly xxx

Hey Peter. Yeah..I know. I just really liked him :o( Ok..yes I am getting out and about this summer and I just happen to be kid free on the 12th! Yays!

Robyn said...

I've decided that men are basically incompetent at relationships.

Frankie said...

Hey Robyn! Nice to see you. Yeah..they are pretty bloody retarded at expressing themselves. Dammit..cos I really like them!