Saturday, November 14, 2009



Tearose said...

Frankie that pic is awesome. and YOU are AWESOME! :D

Lisa Jane said...

hey hotness, it was awesome to meet you today and I am just sorry we didn't get time to chat longer.

Maybe one day soon I'll get up here again.

Alas, until that day, we have facebook, the forum and text msg's.

Btw, you are SUCH a hottie.

Love you tons


Frankie said...

Yvette.. I can't look at that photo of him without pissing myself laughing LOL

Frankie said...

Hey LJ was SOOO great to meet you too. Yeah it wasn't long enough for sure..and difficult to chat with a long table and large group LOL.

But we are REAL LIFE friends now! How cool is that?

You looked gorgeous LJ and so did your beautiful family xxxx