Thursday, November 19, 2009

The gos'

So...the guy...

I met him on RSVP, thought his profile was interesting and sent him a 'kiss'.

He replied to my kiss via email and we continued with half a dozen emails over a couple of days. We seem to be very compatible and things were going nicely. Then out of the blue he sends me an email saying something like "look, you're not really what I'm looking for, I won't waste anymore of your time".

O...k...... (fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! I really liked this one!!)

Being, ME, I couldn't let that one go and obsessed about it for about...5 minutes, before I wrote back (like a loooozer) saying that 'I hoped it wasn't 'blah blah blah' because I was only joking and I think it may have given you the wrong impression".

He actually replied saying that it was not 'blah blah blah', it was 'this other thing' I'd said. I'm not going to go into what I said. It was a stoopid and irrelevant thing to say but there was no malicious intent behind it...he thought there was.

So..again, me being ME, I had to reply and tell him that I had meant no offence. At this stage I realised I had to pretty much pull something out of the hat to get him back onside. I didn't want to risk another 'rejection' email though so I ended my email with what amounted to an invitation, an insult and a challenge, all rolled into one sentence...ending with my mobile number.

And what do you know? worked!

He texted me a barrage of abuse. I insulted him back...text...text..text and then he called.

We had a bit of a laugh about my dirty tactics (he knew EXACTLY what I was trying to get him to do) and then chatted for an hour.

I quite like him. He's a Social Worker. He's also a single dad, having brought up his 17 year old son on his own. He's got a great sense of humour, he's totally politically incorrect and incredibly passionate about what he does for a living.

The conversation finished up with "I enjoyed our chat" (me) "Me too" (him).

That's IT.

I have no idea if I will hear from him again or if I'm still in the rejection basket. I did very well to not text him yesterday and will just suck it up and try not to analyse the crap out of it like I usually do. But of course I am really really hoping to hear from him before the weekend.

Meanwhile 6'5" 'wall o' man' still wants to take me out for coffee and I kinda promised him I'd get back to him after exams with a definite day/time we could meet....but all I can think about is Social Worker Guy.

I don't know what's happened to Oil Rig Guy. He's a bit of a worry...always online on RSVP, a bit of a player I think. He popped up to say hi the other day and I don't even think he remembered 'which one' I was. He may be slightly senile I think.

The end.


Robyn said...

Now, social worker guy sounds cute. He's clearly interested enough to fall into your masterful ruse.... which cracked me up, btw.

Now, wall-of-a-man sounds keen. Don't let that put you off... Sometimes the easiest caught fish are the sweetest.

Em said...

Ahh so the plot thickens. I really am impatient with these kinds of things :) What are people waiting around for, why is it so bad to just organised a catch up? Anywho I probably no good at any of this, I've got an addictive streak.
You definitely deserve someone calling you doing the hard work. Thats for sure!!

nwtrunner said...

Damn 10,000 km.

Well, and also my lack of hair.

But I run.

And, well - I've got nothing else.... Sigh....

Frankie said...

haha Robyn, well maybe one day I will actually post what I said LOL!
I know..I really did like wall o' man but compared with Social Worker guy he's a bit ..meh. I'll wait and see what happens.

Yeah Em I'm frikkin impatient too but I'm sick of being the one doing the chasing. I've done enough! Breathe....

Hey Alasdair :o) he he...Running is good LOL!!