Friday, November 13, 2009

Big People Love

I'm feeling good, calm, serene.

Have been on only 25% meds since Monday.

Have a house inspection Tuesday and an exam Friday. Not stressed at all.

Oil Rig Guy hasn't called and I don't care. As much as I would love to lick his pecs, he doesn't really do it for me. Not sure why. It could be the height thing. He's only 5'10". I like taller than least 6ft really. It's just a thing.

Met a nice guy on a dating site last night and had a chat for a while. Funny, I received about 60 contact requests the first day and I only accepted 3, he was one of them. He had not been on the site for ages apparently, and got an email from the site saying to check me out as I was a match for his he did. Pretty cool. Quite serendipitous don't you think Kerry??

Anyway, we had a great chat. He's really interesting, literate (for a change), has very similar outlook on life as I do and similar views on some things that are quite important to me. Oh and he's 6'5" and built like a brick shithouse....he he....which gets me all a quiver. That's one big 'wall o' man' !

He's 48...48! I don't know what's happened to me lately but I've totally gone off younger guys. I am lying about my age on the dating site, saying I'm 38 (when I'm 44) as I thought I liked younger guys but there's been no-one under 40 that's grabbed my attention at all.

Six months ago I would never have considered dating a guy over 45 (I may have even blogged about it I think). Don't know why, they just didn't interest me. Now I look at the younger guys and I'm just 'meh'. I'm sure they're fine for younger girls but I'm over it.


It's all your fault Bronwyn!

Edit - Me and The Big Guy (wall o' man) had made a 'chat date' for Saturday night (as I have no life and he was going to log in from work as he does shifts). But just checked in on the site and he's left me a little note telling me how much he enjoyed our chat and that we should catch up. Now that's what I like, a man of action! I'm going to wait until after my exam next Friday before I accept any invitations though.


Aimee said...

I've only just found your blog but love it already!

I can't wait for an update on Wall O Man!!!

Rachael P said...

Funny, Frankie. That is gold, and yeah what a wall o man, 6ft+. I really hope this one works out for you. Will be looking forward to reading the blog about that one.

Oh and good going with your .8kg loss this week, FANTASTIC. Your getting there, and guess what, you have so many bloggers who just adore your blog and support you 100%. Go get em.

Frankie said...

Hi Aimee! Nice to meet you. Yes I hope I have a Wall O Man update for you too! Going to stalk your blog now.....

Rach! Yeah he's of Dutch descent... it's a well known fact they grow them big over there.

judestone said...

Top results in all areas Ms Dangerfield! ;p

Reduction in weight and meds and an increase in potential manflesh. Fuckin WOOOO!

Keep us posted on Action Man.. (I gotta say, that would impress me too - love a man of action!)

Aimee said...

Ah... Dutchies got a love em. You'll see my wall o man over there- he's a dutchy too. Sorry no older brothers though ;)

Frankie said...

Yep Jude...MAN OF ACTION is what I want. Last guy wanted to chat chat chat...oh puhleez..

Hey Aimee! Cool! I have dutch/sri lankan on my mum's side and she's got some pretty tall cousins apparently..(but she's only 5'2)