Friday, November 20, 2009

Waiting totally sucks - Vlog


KatieP said...

Hey there's Frankie *waves madly*

Sorry I have no dating advice having been out of the game since the early nineties when texting didn't even exist!!

Raechelle said...

I, like Katie, have no dating advice at all-I sucked at it 16 years ago-and that was the last time I dealt with it.
But, I have to say, if he just heard your voice, he'd be at your heels in a minute...lovely voice hon!
I am constantly being amazed at hearing these voices of bloggers I've been's kind of a trip!

Kerry W said...

Sorry dating advice either, but I'm with Raechelle...if he heard your voice and saw you, I think he'd be trippin.! :P Why not send him a video/audio message? I bet that would change his :P

Sorry I'm not much help...come on all you single girls - jump in and make some suggestions!!!

Frankie said...

he he *waves* hi Katie! So glad you did your vlog 'cos I was too chicken for ages and you spurred me on.

Rachelle and Kerry - OMG! He's heard my voice! We talked on the phone for exactly 84 minutes the other night. He just doesn't want me!! :o( I gotta get ready for my maths

Raechelle said...

There is obvioulsy something very wrong with him then-because I'm tellin' ya'-you got a damn sexy voice! and you're cute too! No, I'm not coming on to you...LOL! No, really...I'm not...hehehe

Ali said...

What ever you do dont do either of the below two text examples you gave. Looks desperate. I think the second one is the best. Its sounds a little assertive and a bit "if you say no I don't give a damn. I'm hot shit, so take it while you can get it punk". But in a nice way ;) haha

Friday said...

Sexxxxxxay voice!

4.30 is a bit extreme hey?

I just voted in the poll for am I in the naughty corner but I take that back.

Honestly, I would text - Would you like to have coffee with me?

Simple, straight to the point and if he wants to he will and if he's not into you he wont and you'll have wasted no time.

You'll know straight away and you wont angst about it all weekend.

Good luck with yr exam chick... and yr text.



KRISTIN said...

haha, nice to hear your voice Frankie! i agree with all the above, once he heard you he'd be at your door knocking! hehe! you crack me up!

Lia Halsall said...

Frankie I loved your vlog it's totally awesome. You're a such a cutie in real life and have the sweetest voice around. Now do you have an accent, it kind of sounded like you did but I wasn't 1005 sure? xxx

Nicole said...

You are so funny.

judestone said...

I tried to leave a comment THREE times yesterday and it didn't like me.

I think you're freakin FABULOUS and the vlog is such a great idea.

You rock my socks! xo

Frankie said...

Hahaha Lia, a cutie and a sweetie??LOL I've never been accused of THAT before!! Glad you liked it. Accent? hmmmmm Well I was born here but I'm from mixed background (Sri Lankan/USA) so I didn't have an Australian accent until I started school (more like posh English). It changes depending on who I've been spending time with I'm sure it sounded totally different when I was married as he was from central NSW (which is totally different to Perth accent!) But it's gradually gone back to normal since we split. Everyone asks my son 'where he is from' also as he's got such a lovely speaking voice and pronounces his words properly...but it's just Australian! LOL!

Frankie said...

THanks Nicole - I try!

Hey Jude - I kept wanting to do one but thought it had to be with perfect hair and makeup etc and kept putting it of. I don't know what possessed me to just crawl out of bed (literally) and recorded it without even running a brush through my hair..yIKES! Not a good look!