Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Silence of the Phone

At this stage I can draw no conclusion other than that he must have been the victim of some sort of bizarre accident. Yes...that must be it.
The end.


Raechelle said...

Yeah-I read about it this morning...seems to have got a phone shoved up his ass by this gorgeous brunette with blonde highlights! :-)

Kitty said...

move on!

if he starts off with 'you're not what i want' and then doesn't reply to an invitation text within a few hours, you are in for lots of chasing and waiting and drama.


Frankie said...

LMAO! Thanks Raechelle hahaha!

Yeah Kitty, you're right. I just got sucked in by our conversation the other night. I don't need any drama queens in my life.

Vix said...

Meh...I have 2 words:


Ok, make that 3:

Frankie said...

Yep Vicki. NEEEXXXTTT!!!!

Rachael P said...

Shit, stuffed that one up. Sorry tried to fix my spelling mistakes and well deleting the previous post was all I could do. So I was saying, loved your vlog. So good to put a voice to the face after sooo long. And you should vlog more often.

You will get the rsvp you deserve soon enough. Never know Santa may wrap him in a box for xmas.. LOL... Anyways wishing you some luck on your dating journey.

Flea said...

gosh I should log in more, I miss all the goss!
you're so funny with your writting, I love it.

Frankie said...

Hi Rach. Yeah I might do some more vlogs. Nothing planned though just random..more fun that way!

Flea! Yeah you gotta be quick or you miss the man gos LOL!