Friday, November 6, 2009

All good

I have today off so going to do some unpacking, planning and relaxing. I love my new life! Fridays and Mondays off. Might tack another work day on next year (as I really need the money) but for now it's a 3 day week and 4 day weekend every week.

Have not been 100% this week with all sorts of aches and pains and shoulder inflammation but my anxiety has been virtually non existent. I've been on only 50% dose since Monday. That's the lowest dose I've been on in about 3 years. It takes about a week for the levels in my blood to drop so there's a bit of a delayed reaction but all good so far.

A little disappointed that the guy I 'let go' didn't put up much of a fight. Actually he didn't put up any fight at all which assures me I made the right decision there.

So...what's next? Ok..just checked my list and apparently I have to 'workout like a motherfucker'. That's gonna take a while.... but how about 'eat really clean and start some walking'?

Yep...that'll do.


Kerry W said...

Sounds like a plan Frankie. Great the stress has been non-existent.'t be able to weigh until Monday morning, as it's another army weekend, so I have to be up at 4am. Tell me again...why I'm doing this? Oh get out of my comfort

Have a great long weekend(again)! :P

Rachael P said...

Yeah good plan Frankie, and I am glad to see that your tiny gain isnt putting you off any but driving you forward again. You still have done really well.

Lisa Jane said...

Hey gorgeous, I've been doing the same and I am disappointed in myself but I've decided to pull my finger out in the morning and get it all together.

What meds were you on babe? If you don't want to post it here. Shoot me an email at Just wondering if they are like mine.

Big hugs from the slack bitch who hasn't posted since August.


Frankie said...

Yep it's quite surreal actually Kerry, knowing that my time is now my own again. Great feeling!'s not put me off Rach. I know I can get rid of it as quickly as I put it on xxx

Ok LJ. Yep just read your post and I think we both just needed the time to be right. We can really make some changes now. How much of an inspiration is breaky with Rae and Michelle going to be??? Awesome!

Elissa said...

It plan sounds great Frankie and that is wonderful news about your meds! I am the same with the "finger pulling" although last night The Boy had some kind of epitome so I think this time the finger has come out and we can just get on with it together (cos it is so hard to do it by myself and then have him pick up take away.... men!)

Frankie said...

Yes Elissa, always good to have support right there with you. Wish me luck..cutting meds again tonight! xxx