Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fare thee well Blockbuster (Guy)

So The Idiot Formerley Known as Blockbuster Guy (TIFKABBG) has sold one of his Blockbuster stores to Civic...the one I used to go to.
This is a good thing as I haven't been able to go there since June. I have to go to Civic which is all the way down and across the other side of the highway.
TIFKABBG, as I think I mentioned in a previous post, is now The Jim's Mowing Guy. I think he must have had to sell to give his ex-wife some dosh. He's definitely still living with his parents 'cos I accidentally drove past there the other night at 11.29pm and his Jim's Mowing trailer was sitting out the front.
If you have no bloody idea what I am talking about (and are bored shitless), start here ...or work your way through The Man Flesh Files for the scintillating story of how a creepy crush became a totally awesome and pervy adventure, which resulted in me having sex for the first time since 5 February 2005, (between approximately 10.00 and 10.05pm.)
TIFKABBG also features in The Stalker Diaries if you are that way inclined.
I have no internet at home at the moment and that makes me sad. But, when I get my ADSL2+ next week am going to do MORE blogging and vlogs and a whole host of other shit because I LOVE IT, and I want to do lots more things I love from now on.


Raechelle said...

I can't wait to see mor vlogs!
I know, I excite easily...hehehe

Raechelle said...

so easily, in fact, that I don't even look to see if I've got typos! :-)

Lia Halsall said...

Yeah vlog, more vlogs. :o)

My question to you is that if you don't have internet then how are you still blogging Frankie? Enquiring minds must know. LOL!!


Robyn said...

Girl, you're an inspiration!!

Frankie said...

Haha...well Raechelle they will probably be more of me half asleep in my PJ's LOL as that's when I tend to want to 'chat' LOL

SHHHHH Lia I am logging in at work!

Hey Robyn..not sure why LOL. Pathetic attempts at sex wrangling??? I do try you know LOL

Nicole said...

Yay, you have your local vid store back.. sorry I'm not commenting babes, busy busy.. but i'm still trying to read and catch up on everything in my spare two minutes a day :)

Flea said...

good riddence then.
haha yeah for moving on Frankie.

Lia Halsall said...

Are you back online yet this absence is killing me. LOL!! Miss you. :o) xxx

Jehanne said...

hows the poop box???

Frankie said...

he he..funny you should ask Jeh. It's GREAT! My son refuses to use it. But I didn't realise my daughter was actually using it and LOVES it. LMAO!