Thursday, November 5, 2009


I saw a friend of mine the other day that I hadn't seen in a month or so. She shook her head and told me that the new hair must really be working for me as I was holding myself totally differently. She said I was like a different person. I've known her for more than 25 years and she's not said anything like that before.

I don't think it's my hair. I mean it does make me feel different, but I think it's more likely the GIANT weights that are progressively being lifted from my shoulders.

It happened again yesterday. I have been seeing my chiro for 5 years. I walked into his office yesterday and he just stood back and looked and said "are you wearing heels?". "No".. "Ok..well you are looking taller. Are you sure you're not wearing heels?"



Rachael P said...

Nice one Frankie, amazing how it is all working out for you. Your looking good and now people are starting to notice the changes. Whoo hoo. Rach

Em said...

Frankie I am so proud of you m'dear. This is such awesome news. Have you read Jonathan Livingston Seagull or Siddhartha. Well in very basic terms it doesn't matter what we do in life for a career or whatever its more important to remember to enjoy living and being happy as we are right here and now.

Shar said...

your aura must be changing and you are projecting how much better you are feeling!
What a great path to be walkign Frankie, keep on keeping on.

Shar x

Raechelle said...

Very nice...great to hear dear!

Kerry W said... bizarre is that? I agree with Em and're putting it out into the universe Frankie, and the universe is slowly, but surely giving you what you want! I just love hearing this sought of will be serendipity! :D

Hilary said...

Oh wow, that is so cool! Great to hear that things are working out for you.

Hilary xx

Frankie said...

Thanks Em :o) You're right. I've always had the thought that IF something happened THEN my life would be better ..if I had a man, if I got a degree etc etc..but I am just going to enjoy NOW and make NOW the best I can. xxx

Hi Rach, thanks! Well it's taken a while but I'm getting there. Want to make some BIG changes before Christmas though.

oooh Shar I love the thought of an aura. I was actually walking around yesterday imagining my aura after I read your comment!

Thanks Raechelle. More to come LOL!!

I know Kerry! Everything SHOULD just fall into place but I had put up too many obstacles. I'm open and free now so the universe can start dumping some good stuff on me instead of squeezing out the poo cherries.

Thanks Hilary :o) Let's hope I'm on a roll xxx