Friday, November 20, 2009

There, I texted.

Thanks guys. I am not waiting for the poll to close cos I'm bloody impatient and I just want to do it and get it over with. I've never actually ever ever asked a guy out before (at least I can't remember doing it), so I'm a bit nervous. But, I did initiate the contact on RSVP so I thought it seemed appropriate that I follow up.
Oh and all the comments about my voice are so funny to me. I've always thought I had an awful voice and hated hearing myself speak on tape or video and BTW, he DID hear my voice. We spoke on the phone for approximately 84 minutes on Tuesday night.
So...the text. I went with number 2, cos that's the one Ali liked and he's a BOY so I'm hoping he knows his shit (no pressure though Ali!)
I texted about 10 minutes answer yet.....
Meanwhile in the world that exists OUTSIDE of Frankie's head....
The maths exams sucked big hairy gonads....everyone seemed to be of the same opinion about it.
I only answered probably 7 out of 20 questions (that's what happens when you don't open a book for 4 weeks) but only need about 25% in the exam to pass the unit. Never been in this position before..not knowing if I passed or failed. A bit like texting men I guess...


Miss Tank said...

Meh - the best FUN i had last year was me going up to a fella saying "you are hot, take me home" - ha - nothing like being forward.....but it worked ;) He was Welsh too with such a hot accent......I think i might ask Scott to start speaking with an accent ;) hahahahaha


Kerry W said...

You'll never, ever know, if you never, ever (have a) go! :P

SeLiNa said...

OMG girl - I've just reaad your last posts and peeing myself laughing - that is sooo funnily COOL!!!!!!!!!! And we've all had those thoughts.
Be the confident bi-atch... I've found out it works!!!!!!!

Vix said...

I just read your post and checked out your vlog (ok bit slow on the uptake) and I think if this guy doesn't reply, then he is a LOSER. Yes, in capitals. Know why? Cos you be hot shit missy!! hehe
If he doesn't reply (which I am pretty sure he will, I feel it in my waters) then he don't deserve you missy....NEXT!!

Frankie said...

Oooh yeah Fern I like Welsh accents too. Well I just had to do it as I really liked this guy (and usually I don't give a crap).

I know Kerry! (and you also 'have to be in it to win it') LOL

Hey Selina :o) Yeah well my attempts at dating and sex-wrangling are THAT pathetic that I also nearly pee myself laughing. What else can ya do!??

Yes he IS a loser Vicki! Cos I am ME....Frankie (fuck that sounds impressive...) hahaha!