Thursday, October 8, 2009


Feeling great today..yeah my neck is stuffed, my FM is flaring up and I've got a shitload of study and packing to do...but who gives a fuck?? I got FOILS!
OMG first time I have EVER had my hair coloured in a salon. Usually just do it myself. But, now I'm getting more greys and with my dark hair they really show up. Hairdresser suggested a few blonde foils and I LOVE them. I can't believe how much it changes the way I look. My skin looks healthier and brighter. You know, next time I might get a few more's quite addictive!
I get the keys for the new place tomorrow. I'm a little bit nervous as I only saw the place once and it had people in there at the time. I can hardly remember what it looked like. Too late to worry now!
I'm really embracing change at the moment....actually not just embracing it, I'm adding extra changes! (such as my hair). We really need to change our lives, the kids and I. I need to be more organised, keep on top of them a bit more about school work etc...cook healthier foods for them (they are fussy little fuckers) and get way more active.
Feeling like I'm dumping a whole lot of ex-hubby baggage right now too as getting rid of a lot of items I've been hanging on to since we split. Just basic household stuff but chucking it in the bin or giving it to St Vinnies has been so uplifting. I've cleared out so much crap and feel as light as a feather.
Geez, crapping on now. Off to the physio shortly. See you after my move!
oh - PS - Had GREAT news about my job (as my contract finishes Dec 31). The dean of the school has approved my job to be funded until the end of 2010!!! Whoo hoo! By then we should have a stack of projects up and running and will be self funding so will be able to pay my salary from project money. SUCH a load off my shoulders that one.


Em said...

Look at that pretty ladyee!
a good chuck out always refreshes the soul!
Great news all round, especially about your job. Now that is a weight off your shoulders I bet.
Good luck with the move, thank god its close by. XXOO

Sandra said...

Sounds like change is doing you good, Honey.
Nothing like getting rid of clutter to feel lighter...and this from a hoarder...;-)

Raechelle said...

Oh honey, I love your hair...looks really nice!
And congrads on the job...woohoo!

Nicole said...

Love the foils babe. Very nice. Sounds like things are on the up and up for you :) I'm happy to hear. Good luck with the move. xx

Spunky Britches said...

Luuuuurrrrvvveee the Hair!! Looks great and really suits you.

I agree with the others too, a change is sometimes better than anything. Look at is as a new beginning for you all and the sky is the limit. Enjoy.... xoxo

Flea said...

I also got blond-ish foils last time and is it my imagination or are more people looking my way, as you say it really lightens up your complex? hope that's the right word to use! haha

Great to hear how well things are going for you, it is an inspiration for me as I'm just lazy and down the last 3 months since our move, I can't get to settle in well ... yet. I hate moving for that reason. LOL

My work contract exp on the 25/10 so I might be out of a job, scary but true, not sure what'll happen next but will patiently wait and see.


Frankie said...

Thanks Em..yeah SO relieved. We can actually have Christmas now!

Oh god I'm a hoarder too Sandra. Really had to fight my hoarding urges LOL!

Thanks Raechelle. I like my hair too but I really think I want to go BLONDER..he he

Hey Nicole. Thanks..yeah think the move will go well. Awesome friends helping. Good team building experience!

Thanks Kylie. That's just how I feel :o)

Flea it definitely makes a difference, my complexion looks totally different..and now I've started putting on a moisturising self tanning lotion so I will slowly look more tanned. Hmmm.from pale skinned and dark haired to tanned blonde hahahah! Let's see who has more fun! Short term contracts suck - Hope they can come up with some more work for you x

Erika said...

Catching up on blogs after a busy week. Funny, I just booked in to get my hair straightened with this new system!!! Been having foils for years. With the humidity atm I just turn ito a ball of frizz, not curls, curls would be ok, but frizz is really ugly!!! I can't wait!!!!

Kerry W said...

Hey Frankie

Sounds like you're turning the corner, and getting rid of the 'clutter' in your life. Great stuff! It was great to read about your current weight, and I reckon you'll hit the 70kg in no time. Thanks for letting hubby know about the WH&F article. Foils look great BTW! I think 2010 is going to be your best year yet.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)