Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting there.

Well my food, exercise and study routine's have gone out the window the last week but my packing is coming along nicely. I've basically packed everything that I can pack apart from the stuff we use every day, ie clothes, kitchen/bathroom and laundry stuff. The house is a maze of packing boxes and the shed is also filling up fast.

I'm not hiring professional removalists as my workmates have offered to help me move so I'm going with it (will save about $400) and I've called on a few other friends to help ferry stuff back and forth in their cars. Frustrating thing is I'm moving about 200m up the road..that is all, but the packing still needs to be done.

I'm actually looking forward to the move now. Quite excited about it. What started out as a frikkin' nightmare has now turned into an adventure. I just got on top of things and got stuff sorted as soon as I could and now I can concentrate on my studies.

Yes I've left my uni stuff til the last minute but it's the way I always seem to work and I still get there in the end. I do really need to pull my finger out now though or it will be a struggle. Moving on 10th October so need to get my maths assignment finished and my presentation research done by then. I'm worried about my internet re-connection being delayed but I can always go into work to do my research if necessary.

So that's it. Fitness and nutrition have just been hit and miss past few days. Expecting a big spike on the scales for Thursday's weigh in as have been over indulging on the carbs and the salt (and it's TTOM) but fine with it as have different priorities right now and I know it's only temporary.

Really really looking forward to the end of semester. I can finish unpack, set up my new gym (in the garage) and get stuck into 3 months of full on training over summer so I will be strong and fit for first semester next year. Until then I'll just stick to my low carb diet and concentrate on getting the fat off my bits.



Vix said...

Glad to hear it's all coming together Frankie. I do have a suggestion with relation to the move too - given the minor distance involved, might be worth strapping all your bigger stuff to skateboards and just rolling it there?? Could be fun if there is wine involved... hehe
Vic x

Shar said...

Nice one Frankie, looks like you are in control.

Good luck with the study.

Shar x

Frankie said...

ahahaha yeah Vicki..I was trying to think of all sorts of creative ways...unfortunately that 200m is up a very steep hill! Wine...evil..he he

Thanks Shar, I'll need it!

nwtrunner said...

Keep at it Frankie - you've sure got the attitude bit down good! Wish I could give ya a hand on the move thing, but there's that matter of half a planet distance.

One thing I learned in all my years of university (13 of them) is that it always gets done in the end - and I'm sure you'll be fine there too.

Miss Tank said...

You are a friggen legend FiFi! Hell - moving is one big training exercise - it's bloody tough work!

Admiring your attitude !! xx

Erika said...

Sometimes life just takes over, despite our well thought out plans. Go with the flow, if the exercise and eating plan is a little off so be it. Not long until the move, not long until the end of the semester (Thank Gawd) then other things can take over. Sometime life chooses our priorities, (not very good English) not us! Es

Frankie said...

Yep Alasdair it WILL get done LOL!

Thanks Fern xxx Just doing what I have to though.

OMG Es I am sooo seeing end of semester...I can almost touch it! I am going to watch SO many dvd's over summer (when I'm not working obviously!).

Memphis Steve said...

Moving can be such a pain. It's not surprise that it has upended your workouts. That's hard to avoid. It's exhausting. But you seem to be excited about it and that's really great.

Frankie said...

yeah Steve such a pain but I do enjoy the unpacking and setting up house in a new place..just wish it didn't clash with my exams!!

Flea said...

I like your attitude, sounds great and somehow organised. LOL

Frankie said...

umm...yeah..kinda organised LOL!!

Valley Girl said...

Great new fresh start, at least the worst is sort of started, I hate moving too only because of the packing & unpacking...

Take care