Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I got the place!!!

hoooo!!!! If you are one of my Facebook friends you will already know by now that I GOT THE PLACE!!!
I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I thought I was on the verge of something pretty close to a frikkin' breakdown by lunchtime today as put my application in yesterday morning and hadn't heard anything yet. I was in full panic attack mode, couldn't breathe and was getting dizzy spells (seriously).
Thing is, I had some financial issues a couple of years ago which put a big blotch on my credit check and was sure I would be rejected as a bad risk for a landlord. So I've been absolutely beside myself worrying that no-one would want me as a tenant.
But, turns out they were just waiting for confirmation of my employment (which my buddy Spiffo was happy to supply them with this morning). I haven't paid rent a day late in the last 8 years since my divorce and was given great references by my past and current landlords and also glowing personal references from a couple of friends who live in the area (who lied their arses off about how tidy I keep the place and how responsible I am.....hahahaha!)
I really can't thank everyone enough. Oh and thanks also to gorgeous Flea for her help too. The thank-you's will be continuing for a while as I take up everyone's offers of help to pack and move etc.
Fuck me I've got some brilliant friends. Seriously...I don't have masses of friends, but the ones I have are very special.
Geeez.. getting teary now. Just waiting for my physio appointment in half an hour then going to have a nice glass of red and relax.
Uh-oh..the kids are home...better tell them the good news!!!


Miss Tank said...

GOOD SHIT FRANKIE!!!! Nothing worse than that "f**k i'm gonna be homeless" feeling!!! I had that a few times in Sydney - very god damn stressful!!
Ferny xx

cam said...

Great to hear Frankie - one less thing to stress about. And I hear you on the waiting's so frustrating when you don't know why it is that you're waiting.

Em said...

I am so pleased! And YAY for everyone helping YOU out! So happy that you know how special YOU are to everyone. xxoooxx

Witchazel said...

Thats great news!! I am sooo pleased that it worked out for you, and of course you have great friends, cause you are a great friend!

Pip said...

Whoohoo Frankie!
Awesome relief and news with your house! Fantastic job on the fit mission and weight and fat drop!
Yep, this summer be sure to wear shorts and a bikini!

Pip :-)

Frankie said...

Thanks Fern. I'm SO relaxed now. Everything else seems insignificant compared to homelessness!

Yes Cam it was the bloody waiting that nearly did my head in. Gawd. It was really bad.

Aww thanks Em. Well I try to be as good a friend as I get :o)

Thanks Cathy. One less thing to worry about now xx

Hey Pip..hahaha..I don't know about shorts but tank tops and hippy skirts could be the go!

Sandra said...

So happy for you Fifi, and like Cathy said, you have good friends because YOU are a great friend.
Hope it all goes well from now on.