Sunday, September 20, 2009

A conversation with my daughter

The following is a transcript of a conversation between myself and my 13 year old daughter, in the car, on the way to their dad's place. I was explaining to the kids that they had to try and act surprised when he told them he was getting back with his skanky girlfriend ...cos I already told them (after he told me not to).
Alex: Why does dad have to get back with her?
Frankie: Because he wants sex.
Alex: Can't he just get a hooker?
Frankie: (PMSL) I think he also wants someone to cook him dinner.
Alex: We'll don't they have hooker chef's?
Ethan: Idiot.
The end.

PS - above photo is self portrait Alex took, copying a Gemma Ward magazine cover. She had a whole make-up studio/photo shoot thing happening in the bathroom...seriously I have no fucking idea what the hell is going on in my house anymore!
Thirteen isn't what it used to be. At that age I was wearing puffy sleeved tops and denim skirts with little farmhouses on them accessorised by long socks and dunlop volley's. Here is ME at 13 (1978).
Could my teeth BE any bigger???


Raechelle said...

OMG-your daughter is hilarious! Get a hooker chef..hahaha!
and yeah-kids at 13...not what we were that's for sure!

Kitty said...

hooker chefs? yep, they are commonly known as 'wives'.


let's face it, we wouldn't be doing the sexing and the cooking without getting our mits on aaaaall their moneys....


Frankie said...

hahaha...yep. But now I still get to take his money and I don't ever have to sleep with him again!