Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well today sucked...

...TOTALLY sucked.

Was still on a high from yesterdays exam, got ready for work, skipped to the mailbox and found a bloody letter from the rental agent advising my lease would not be renewed at the end of October.

I called them when I got to work and was advised that the house had been sold and was being bulldozed. Oh.

Then, I finally managed to get in contact with the selling agent (different bloody real estate agencies) and he advised that ..ooops. the guy who he thought was an investor, and who I let through the house last week bought the house. However, turns out he's not got his Australian residency yet, which means he's not allowed to own an investment property. So, he is going to buy the place and leave it vacant til everything goes through and then bulldoze it next year.

The bloody place could sit vacant up to a year and I'm out on my fucking arse!!

The agent said he tried to talk him into some sort of arrangement for me to stay here and pay him 'cash' but he didn't want to 'break the law'. Fucker.

But..while I was on a Poo Cherry to Pearls 'roll' I decided that all things WILL be positive and proceeded to call and email all my friends so they could convince me why. I am now convinced.

I have to be out by 29 October, which is a week after all my final assignments are due (so I will basically be presenting my final assessment and then having the removalists in the next day). I don't know how I'm going to prepare for a 20 minute talk while packing up my life but it's got to be done. Then two more weeks til exams.

Needless to say I'm starting early. Going to try and get my 3 assignments done ASAP and do a bit of packing every day. The main problem will be actually finding a place we can afford that is still not too far from the schools.

Oh well, that's that I guess. Can't do much about it so just have to get on with it.

On a brighter note I ended up with a 92% for my maths exam so I'm trying to focus on that. It was worth 30% of final mark so I've made a good start.

Ok..got so much to organise and lists lists lists ....



KatieP said...

Bummer about the house but CONGRATULATIONS on the maths score. As someone who is completely baffled by maths on any level ... I am in awe of you! Well done ♥

Em said...

I know this sounds a bit pissweak but I do think now is the time for you to visualise everything working out for the best.
Obviously you feeling calm and at peace with things helps with your exams so the same can be done with your home life.
You'll come through this on top!
Awesome exam result too by the way, and don't forget to feel proud of yourself about that too.

cam said...

Wow, 92% is a fantastic result! Well done!!
I'm sending plenty of positive residential vibes your way.

Shar said...

Thats a fucker of a poo cherry!!
I know you don't wanna hear it right now but maybe things happen for a reason, perhaps you'll look back in 6 months and realise it was for the best because......the move, a new place, blah blah.
No doubting it will be hard to move around exams but if you can get ahead then all the better.
Plan well :)

Kerry W said...

Shite Frankie! I just hope that you've come up with some killer solutions by the time I get back! Stay strong...things will work out somehow. :/

Raechelle said...

Awwww honey! Stay calm...something will come together and work out!
And congrads on the exams!

Sandra said...

Wow Fifi, 92% !!!
You'll get there Honey, just do a little packing and cleaning at a time so it doesn't hit you like a tonne of bricks at the last minute.
Stay positive.

Frankie said...

Thanks Katie. Yeah maths still baffles me, it was a pretty arsey effort!

Em, not pissweak at all. I am usually much better at coping with this shit but it's just EVERYTHING at the same time now. I'll get there xxx

Thanks Cam I need all I can get :o)

I know Shar, I'm really trying to get into that headspace. I'm sure I'll get there x

Hey Kerry, yep I am SURE I'll be on top of things when you get back..I'm gonna have to be!

Thanks Raechelle, yeah something will come up.

Hey Sandra. Thanks. That's what happened last time I moved, was an absolute disaster so I'm getting heaps of boxes this time and starting early. I have a big shed so can just put them all in there out of the way.